5.10 Blackwing

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Highly downturned shoes that are designed for performance without sacrificing the elements of comfort.
The wider toe box, padded tongue, synthetic upper and medium-stiff midsole help to keep your shoes fitting properly (no stretch) and your feet relaxed even during strenuous overhanging climbing, or sections of technical footwork. The two-point Velcro closure allows for easy access and adjustability. Utilizing a 3.5mm outsole of Stealth® HF™ rubber, a very soft rubber profile; the Blackwing offers incredible sensitivity and control.
  • Stealth® HF™ rubber outsole (3.5mm)
  • Synthetic Cowdura upper – No stretch
  • Double-strand Velcro closure system
  • Wide toe box
  • Padded tongue
  • Stiffness – Medium
  • Vegan
Good for:
Stealth® HF™ requires less downward force to achieve friction, which allows it to excel on overhanging terrain, while the wider toe box, padded tongue and medium stiff midsole add comfort to the high-performance attributes of the Blackwing.