Beal Cobra 8.6mm

R2,870 - R3,405
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The great classic for adventure climbing. Light and free-running for ease of use on long routes, on the crag and in the Alps. Technical and robust enough to sustain the most difficult loadings, it is even better today because it now benefits from all the advantages of the UNICORE technology

This is the multi-use rope par excellence, if you don't want to own more than one double rope, it's the COBRA you must have. It has a low impact force (5,1 kN) to minimise anchor-point loading, and a sheath of sufficient thickness to withstand the most aggressive rock, all for only 48 g and a record number of falls = 16.
  • Excellent compromise between strength and lightness.
  • Low impact force and raised number of falls sustained.
  • The rope doesn't bunch up and remains supple for the long term.
  • Allows escape by abseil even if the sheath is cut.
Amazing process of sticking the soul and the sheath of the rope without modifying its flexibility characteristics.

If the sheath is cut or torn, the core and the sheath remain attached. On a classical rope, if the sheath is cut by edge abrasion, a frequent phenomenon in the mountains, it slips and gets stuck for several meters. It then becomes impossible to pass this area, both on the ascent and descent.


This treatment stabilizes the fibers of the sheath and makes them more homogeneous. The result is a more compact and manageable rope.