Drakensberg Park - Cathederal Peak Map

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The Natal Drakensberg, whose buttresses and peaks sweep south-eastwards in a great semi-circle along the Lesotho border.

Easily distinguishable from north to south on the skyline are Mont-aux-Sources (3,282m), the Amphitheatre flanked by the Eastern Buttress and the Sentinel (3,257m) , Cathedral Peak (3,005m), Cathkin Peak (3,141m), Champagne Castle (3,377m) and, at the eastern-most rim of the semi-circle, Giant’s Castle (3,315m). There are numerous resorts in the Drakensberg, wonderful for mountain holidays where you can ride, climb, walk in the mountains, or fish for trout.

All these maps are full colour on one side, with information in black and white on the reverse. The paper varies and seems to be lighter on later editions. The unfolded size also varies but is always larger than A1. All maps are at a scale of 1:50 000, with full contour detail at 20m intervals, and Lat/Long lines for GPS users. None of the maps have ISBN numbers.

Firmly based upon Peter Slingsby’s maps of the 1980’s [without any acknowledgement at all!], these maps are the best Berg hiking maps currently in print.