Drakensberg Park - Royal Natal Map #1

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A map of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, incorporates all the game and nature reserves run by the KwaZulu-Natal Conservation Service.

The KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa, averaging about 3,000m. Much of it has been placed under the control of the KwaZulu-Natal conservation Service, which is responsible for some 260,000 ha. It is the third largest conservation area in the country. Hutted accommodation is offered at all main reserves, except for Rugged Glen, Himeville, Monk’s Cowl, Cobham, Cathedral Peak, Garden Castle and Highmoor where there are camp sites only.All these maps are full colour on one side, with information in black and white on the reverse. The paper varies and seems to be lighter on later editions. The unfolded size also varies but is always larger than A1. All maps are at a scale of 1:50 000, with full contour detail at 20m intervals, and Lat/Long lines for GPS users. None of the maps have ISBN numbers.