Gibbon Jibline Slackline

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Whether freestyler, adrenaline junkie or urban slacker, the JIBLINE is first choice with Trickliners world wide. The print adds additional grip when performing dynamic moves.

With an integrated ratched padding (RATPAD) the set confirms with the German Industry Norm for Slacklining.

Learn tricks with the free GIBBON SlackappGet your Slackapp: To install simply search for “GIBBON SLACKLINES” in your trusted iTunes- or Playstore.


  • 12,5 m / 41 ft slackline with stitched loop
  • 2,5 m / 8 ft ratchet band with stitched loop
  • strength 30 kN
  • ratchet with safety lock
  • ratchet cover
  • user manual & set-up guide

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