Ice Breaker Everyday Long Sleeve Crewe Women's

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Slim fitting, this jersey features our highly breathable 200gm merino rib fabric.

For year round comfort in any weather, the women's Everyday Long Sleeve crewe is ideal for sports or casual occasions. Slim fitting, this jersey features our highly breathable 200gm merino rib fabric that cools in hot weather and insulates in cold weather under a top or shell. Set in sleeves and a slightly open neckline make it layer nicely and feel great under a pack. And merino's natural odor resistance mean you can wear it several times between washings, for workout or as a casual, everyday shirt.


  • Crewe neck
  • Self-fabric binding at neckline
  • Set-in sleeves, 200gm rib soft fabric


  • Fabric weight:  200 Lightweight
  • Fabric:  100% Merino wool
  • Product Weight:  Medium = 130 g / 4.59 oz
  • Fit:  Slim
  • Layer:  Base Layers
  • Best for:  Outdoor & Hiking


  • Breathable, year round Comfort, odor prevention
The merino is an ancient breed of alpine sheep. Over millions of years they evolved a superfine, highly breathable fleece to protect them from freezing winters and scorching summers.
It will do the same for you.
  • TEMP CONTROL - Merino naturally keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.
  • BREATHABLE - Merino absorbs and releases vapour to prevent overheating and clamminess.
  • UV PROTECTION - Merino gives you extra protection against the sun's harmful rays, naturally.
  • NO ODOR - Naturally anti-bacterial, it can be worn for days without washing.