Mammut Eternity CLASSIC 9.8mm

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All-round rope for a huge range of applications.



The 9.8 Eternity is the first choice when a very versatile rope with perfect handling is required. 



static elongation at 80 kg: 5.5   %
dynamica elongation: 31   %
Impact force: 8.5 kN   
Weight [g]: 64   g/m
Sheat proportion: 38   %
UIAA-falls (1 strand 80 kg): 8–9   
UIAA dry test: 46   %
Rope treatment: Classic   
Diameter: 9.8   mm



Safety Mammut has been producing top-quality ropes for over 150 years. Sophisticated quality assurance processes guarantees maximum safety. 
Tests show that even if non-coated ropes easily meet safety standards when dry, they weaken significantly when wet.
Durability Mammut® CLASSIC ropes’ balanced sheath to weight ratio mean that they offer high durability.
Water Repellency Mammut’s CLASSIC ropes do not feature water-repellent treatment. CLASSIC ropes scored 46 % on the UIAA tests.
Area of use CLASSIC ropes offer high quality and good value for money – they are the first choice for outdoor climbing in dry conditions and indoor climbing.