Hitech Therapy Putty 114g

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HT Therapy Putty helps rehabilitate fingers, hands, and forearms. The HT Therapy Putty is available in five, color-coded resistances, ranging from Super Soft - for rehabilitating grasp, to Firm - for developing a stronger grip.

Occupational therapists and physiotherapists, elevate your hand therapy toolkit with HT Therapy Putty, a multi-faceted tool for strength building, dexterity improvement, and sensory engagement. This non-intimidating, customizable approach empowers patients of all ages and abilities to actively participate in their recovery, fostering a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Progressive Resistance Spectrum: Cater to individual needs with a range of resistances, from ultra-soft for gentle sensory stimulation to firm for challenging muscle strengthening. Adapt exercises as patients progress, ensuring continuous engagement and optimal results.

Dexterity on Demand: Improve fine motor skills, grasp, and coordination through a variety of putty manipulations. Squeeze, pinch, roll, and tear, stimulating specific muscle groups and refining movements for everyday tasks like writing, dressing, and feeding.

Sensory Play for All: Engage children with autism, sensory processing disorders, or cognitive impairments through the putty's calming tactile qualities. The vibrant colors and malleable texture provide a playful outlet for sensory exploration and anxiety reduction.

Pain Management Powerhouse: The gentle pressure applied through putty exercises can help reduce pain and inflammation in conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Its portability allows for self-management throughout the day, promoting patient ownership of their recovery.

Motivation Made Fun: Ditch the monotonous routines! HT Therapy Putty's engaging nature keeps patients motivated and invested in their therapy. Encourage creativity with putty sculpting, molding, and even incorporating miniature tools for added challenge.

Invest in HT Therapy Putty and witness the transformative power of play in hand therapy. This versatile tool not only strengthens muscles and improves dexterity, but also fosters patient engagement and unlocks a world of therapeutic possibilities.


Use for your dexterity, motor skills, and grip.
Increases strength and circulation in fingers, hands, and forearms.
Graduated consistencies for varying degrees of resistance.
For home and hospital use.
Odorless, non-stick substance. Airtight, resealable plastic container.

Resistance Levels:

Tan: Super Soft
Yellow: Soft
Red: Medium Soft
Green: Medium
Blue: Firm

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