Mobilis Rolyan Therapy Putty
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It's vital that patients recovering from illness or injury can get the level of support and help they need to aid their rehabilitation. The Mobilis Rolyan Strengthening Therapy Putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched, making it ideal for a wide range of therapies.

Designed for Versatile Use:
Suitable for squeezing, stretching, twisting and pinching, the putty is ideal for use during physical therapy for hands, feet and forearms. This enables therapists to give their patients exercises which match their needs for more tailored care.

Non-Toxic and Non-Oily:
Designed for comfortable use, the putty is non-toxic. non-oily and bleed proof. It won't fragment, separate or stick to the skin, enabling patients to continually and repeatedly use the putty comfortably to develop strength. It's even latex-free, ensuring that patients with latex allergies can easily and comfortably use the putty without risk of reaction.

Six Different Resistances:
The therapeutic putty is available in six different colours to reflect established standards in resistive exercise, and progress in resistance from 'super soft' tan to 'extra firm' grey. What's more, clinicians can combine any of the therapy putty's colours to create custom resistance to meet individual needs.

Use the table below to see the different colours and their corresponding resistances:

• Tan: Super Soft
• Yellow: Soft
• Red: Medium Soft
• Green: Medium
• Blue: Firm
• Grey: Extra Firm


• Ideal for a wide range of recovery therapies
• Range of resistance levels for strength development
• Can be customized for individual patients
• Non-toxic and non-oily for safe, comfortable use

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