Alien Revolution Cam

Alien Revolution Cam

When Dave Waggoner introduced his Alien cams to climbing, the art of technical placements changed.



Alien cams are the best thin crack protection. The Alien Revolution units, now made by Fixe Hardware, excel in pin scars and technical placements. They are 20% lighter than the originals, with an ergonomic thumb pull, a stronger aluminum cable swage, aluminum trigger parts, replaceable steel trigger wires and a reduced head width. Appreciated and carried on racks the world over.



  • 20% weight reduction
  • Riveted axle reduces head with, improving upon the cam's already well-known ability to fit into small cracks and flares
  • Double Dyneema sling for extended placements to reduce rope drag or for deep cracks
  • Ergonomic rubber thumb pull is easy to handle
  • Stronger aluminium cable swage increases overall strength compared to old cams
  • Aluminium trigger components


Select Alien Cam colours
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Yellow