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  • Beal Accessory Cord

    Beal Accessory Cord

    The Beal Accessory Cord is suitable for a multitude of uses and conform to the requirements of the  UIAA and Europe Standards. 2mm Accessory Cord Weight per meter:  2.4g Breaking...

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  • Beal Aero Team IV

    Beal Aero Team IV

    Very lightweight harness designed for outdoor centres, young people and hill/glacier travel. Both comfortable and easy to fit with additional features to help its identification and logging. ...

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  • Beal Air Light Boulder Pad

    Beal Air Light Boulder Pad

    Bi-density foam that gives a high capacity of absorbtion and maintains its shape throught its lifetime. The AIR LIGHT is 1 m² model, designed to for peace of mind for beginners. Like its big...

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  • Beal Antidote 10.2mm

    Beal Antidote 10.2mm

    Versatile cragging rope with a larger diameter to promote handling when belaying and increased abrasion resistance. Features: Handling and compactness Easy to handle when belaying High...

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  • Beal Antipode Static per/m

    Beal Antipode Static per/m

    10mm Rope Very tough, this is the established standard rope for work at height. Specifications: Type: A Breaking load: 3000daN (Kg) Strength with sewn ends: 2400daN (kg) % of the sheath: 38%...

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  • Beal Big Air Boulder Pad

    Beal Big Air Boulder Pad

    Rolling and folding allows the BIG AIR BAG to fold very easily. Original concept of rolling and folding, which allows the BIG AIR BAG, despite its 1,80 m size, to fold very easily and carry...

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  • Beal Cobra 8.6mm

    Beal Cobra 8.6mm

    The great classic for adventure climbing. Light and free-running for ease of use on long routes, on the crag and in the Alps. Technical and robust enough to sustain the most difficult loadings, it is...

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  • Beal Double Air Boulder pad

    Beal Double Air Boulder pad

    The DOUBLE AIR BAG is made of a 3 density enclosed foam that has a high capacity for absorbtion and shape throughout its lifetime. The outer cover is in 100 % polyester with reinforced corners...

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  • Beal Joker 9.1mm

    Beal Joker 9.1mm

    After having been the first thin rope on the market to meet the requirements for all three standards for dynamic ropes, JOKER will from now on benefit from the latest UNICORE technology. The JOKER,...

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  • Beal Rope Brush

    Beal Rope Brush

    A brush specifically created to clean ropes. Adapts easily to different diameters. Twist the brush onto the rope then run the rope through the brush while holding it firmly under water.

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  • Beal Rope Marker

    Beal has developed a special ink for marking ropes, in the middle as well as at the ends. This ink hardly stiffens the rope, is water resistant, and stands up to abrasion well. NB!  It does not...

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  • Beal Triple Air Boulder Pad

    Beal Triple Air Boulder Pad

    The TRIPLE AIR LIGHT is the larger version of the AIR LIGHT (1,5 m²). It is composed of bi-density foam able to take a high capacity of absorbtion, while retaining its shape throughout the its...

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  • Beal Warm Up Putty Beal Warm Up Putty

    Beal Warm Up Putty

    Silicone balls of differing hardnesses for pre-climb warm up of hands and fingers. Features: Carrying box. 1 colour by hardness: Easy (Yellow) – For beginners warm-ups rehabilitation or stress...

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