Black Diamond Session women's approach shoe review

Black Diamond Session women's approach shoe review

Posted by Thea Dalton on 13th Apr 2020

 I’m a Rock Climber, Hiker, Dirt Rider and an all-round Adventourist; and when I heard about the new Black Diamond Session Approach shoe, I had to grab myself a pair. The Black Diamond Ladies Sessions are made in an ‘easy-to-wear-style’. They combine the abilities of ultimate comfort with performance. These shoes do it all: from wearing them at the gym, to the crags, and on my Downhill cycles – I even find myself wearing them on my day to day adventures including trips to the shops and walks with my dogs through the forests. I've never been happier in a shoe! They are the perfect pair of all-around gripping machines that were designed to make you love every moment of every adventure.

This shoe has an amazingly comfortable fit that feels almost like fitting on a sock with a carefully thought-out design. The material of the shoe is super breathable thanks to the knit upper which helps to regulate the temperature in the shoe and allows it to stretch where you need, keeping the shoe light and responsive. Initially, putting on the shoe I noticed how the heel just slips on. This is thanks to the stretch-fit heel for that quick and easy, on and off ability that so many people desire in a shoe. I especially love this feature because now I can slip into the shoes quickly without needing to get down on the floor to escape my shoes or, if need be, I could even just step on the heel as though it’s a slipper – without ruining the shoe, thanks to the durable and reliable rubber that Black Diamond used. The super handy, added toe protection also caught my fancy as I’m known to stub a toe or two on my way, and now my toes are fully protected. I tested this feature on quite a rocky hike and I came out on top of it! The Midsole of the shoe is super cushioned and stable, so any movement of my foot inside the shoe or my ankle moving around flimsily was next to unnoticeable, giving me the confidence boost I needed to do more; take more risks, and bigger leaps! The super sticky rubber of the outsole allows me to turn any terrain into my playground with ease. While these shoes aren't ideal for the longer, harder approaches into the mountains and harsher terrains, they do bring style, comfort and technical performance to that urban lifestyle we all love so much. So far I’ve hit the gym, gone downhill mountain biking, scrambled through rock valleys, hit the crags, and even walked my dog down to the local shops and I wouldn’t do it in any other shoe!