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The Wild Country REVO

The Wild Country REVO

11th Jun 2019

According to the website, “the REVO is a tube-style belay device making it easy and intuitive to use with conventional belay technique. The locking mechanism functions as a safety backup.

But please do not consider the REVO’s backup as a manually assisted locking function but only as an emergency brake.”

How it Works

The REVO's function is independent from the loading orientation of the rope, thus eliminating one of the most common causes of belay related accidents. This backup mechanism is based on an inertia wheel. When the wheel reaches a high enough speed, a velocity of 4m/s on the rope, the spring-loaded shoe engages with the tuber ‘jaw’, which rotates and locks into the wheel. This prevents the wheel from rotating and holds the rope in place. By pulling the rope back onto the tuber ‘jaw’ the belayer releases the wheel and returns the device to tube-mode.

“The clever combination of these features makes the REVO the safest belay device on the market.”

Note that even if the tuber ‘jaw’ was prevented from moving freely, the REVO would still lock at 4m/s. Regardless of this additional safety, the belayer should maintain control of the rope at all times.

'The clever combination of these features makes the REVO the safest belay device on the market."

Advantages for Climbers

For beginners, it teaches the best belay technique to actively control the brake end of the rope at all times, while including the added safety of the backup locking mechanism. Experienced climbers can simply pick up the REVO and begin belaying as normal while enjoying the benefit of the backup locking mechanism and the smooth action of giving out and taking in rope without having to learn a new belay technique.

The REVO will fast become the favourite for redpoint climbers, die hard sport climbers and indoor plastic climbers alike. The device feeds slack like a dream, and the fool-proof, backup is a epic-bonus.

The innovative panic-proof locking mechanism (pat. pending) removes the necessity for a handle to unlock the system when lowering the climber. 

The Wild Country REVO is available to purchase at Mountain Mail Order website: