Time to Play: Salomon Is Here

Time to Play: Salomon Is Here

Posted by Emily Wedepohl on 18th Mar 2021

When it comes to outdoor adventuring, you’ve got to know that your feet have your back, and that means picking the perfect shoe. But with so many options on the market and new gadgets and gizmos churning out every day, where do you even begin? Lucky for us, Salomon makes things easy as pie with their comprehensive range of hiking and trail running footwear that utilises a synergistic combination of cutting-edge tech to give your footsies the very best. Here, we breakdown our favourite Salomon shoes and boots so that you can find your perfect match...

The Trail Crusher

Speedcross 5

Precision | Grip | Protection

Ah, the Speedcross, a living legend in trail running circles. This latest version brings the best of both worlds, with slightly more robust heel and toe boxes, combined with a more supple upper compared to the Speedcross 4 – that means more flexibility AND more protection for those precious footsies. Of course, the SC 5 offers all the superstar features you’ve come to expect from Salomon: an ergonomic and efficient Quicklace system, Sensifit technology to keep your foot nice and snug, an extra supportive Energy Cell Plus midsole and, of course, their brilliant Contagrip outsole, with strategically designed lug geometry to provide excellent grip on all types of rugged terrain. All of this comes together to create a shoe that offers all the support you need without sacrificing technical precision.

The Weekend Warrior

X Ultra 4 Mid GTX

Stability | Adaptability | Longevity

If you’re searching for a reliable friend to support you on all your weekend adventures, look no further than the X Ultra 4 Mid GTX. Equipped with breathable GORE-TEX (GTX) waterproofing, this mid-cut boot will keep you on the right track whether you’re tackling an overnight hike, enjoying a laid-back camping trip, or heading out into the boulder fields. The boot is described as having trail-inspired agility, meaning that you can enjoy the security and stability it affords, while still being able to comfortably cruise through technical terrain. Throw in some good ol’ Contagrip lugs, an antimicrobial Ortholite insole, a solid rubber toe cap, and ample cushioning around the heel, and you’ve got yourself the perfect shoe for your next adventure.

The All-Rounder

XA Wild

Flexibility | Efficiency | Balance

You know that person who’s good at everything? The one that you kind of hate? Well, this is the shoe equivalent… except we’ve got nothing but love for this little beauty! Built for those who are looking for the perfect balance of support and speed, the XA Wild is a lightweight, uber-comfortable shoe with all the grip and protection of a boot thanks to a tough Contagrip outsole and protective rubber toe cap and mud guard. Plus, the XA Wild is equipped with the Salomon Quicklace system, a 3D advanced chassis with new geometry, Ortholite insoles, and intelligent Sensifit tech that hugs your foot for all-round support. Whether you’re a hiker, trail runner, or just someone on the hunt for a pair of comfy tekkies, the XA Wild has got you covered.

The Beast

Quest 4D 3 GTX

Durability | Security | Support

If you’ve ever encountered hikers (which is highly likely considering you’re reading this), chances are you’ve seen some version of the Quest 4D. These boots are quite simply legendary, and this latest model really is the best of the bunch. Your foot is incredibly well-protected thanks to the combination of a high, generously padded ankle shaft, a hardy 4D chassis, a two-stage lacing system, and (of course) that brilliant Contagrip outsole. As if that’s not enough, the Quest 4D is incredibly lightweight for such an exceptional high-cut boot, and is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable high-cuts around. Add in GTX waterproofing and those genius Ortholite insoles, and you’ve got a shoe that will make the (hopefully distant) apocalypse feel like a walk in the park.

The Lightweight

XA Pro 3D

Breathability | Speed | Comfort

Simple, flexible and almost indecently comfortable, it’s hard to find a more lovable outdoor shoe than the XA Pro 3D. Not only are these gems equipped with an uber-breathable upper, convenient Quicklace system, Ortholite insoles and ample inner cushioning, but they also offer supreme grip and durability thanks to a reinforced heel, rubber toe cap and (of course) an intelligent Contagrip outsole. Now, we’re not saying the XA Pro 3Ds are the perfect outdoor companions… unless you’re looking for a shoe that can tackle the toughest terrain while keeping your feet comfy, cool and looking sharp. Okay… so maybe they’re a little bit perfect.

Now, that’s a superstar lineup if we’ve ever seen one! We’re sure that your heart has skipped many a beat during this read, and your toes are almost definitely itching to get up close and personal with these babies, so make your way to visit the CityROCK gear shop to chat to our gear gremlins and find your perfect fit.

NOTE: The Quest 4D, XA Pro 3D, and Speedcross 5 are available in men’s and women’s models.