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Vaude Brenta 35 Backpack Review

Vaude Brenta 35 Backpack Review

Posted by Outdoors Magic on 3rd Jun 2020

The Vaude Brenta is a 35 litre backpack designed for hiking or extended day trips and one that, in a crowded market, frequently ranks among the highest rated.

When you’re looking for a daypack to take out into the wild, the most important factors should be the comfort and build of the bag, the space that it offers, the access it offers to that space, and of course the price point. On all of these points the Brenta excels.

The one size fits all F.L.A.S.H system features shoulder straps which adjust to your body shape, and you can adjust the mesh tension to adapt to the conditions you’re walking in and the amount of gear that you’re carrying.

Air circulates easily thanks to the back panel’s unique adjustable Aeroflex suspension system, which holds the pack away from the body and prevents that nasty sweatbox feeling every hiker will know all too well. This system can be adjusted so the bag sits closer to the body if you find the initial settings a little too distant as well.

“Lightweight, comfortable and capacious – what’s not to like?”

The soft contact areas are welcome additions on the straps and other selected cutaways keep air circulating around the body too, so you know that you’ll be walking comfortably even on the hottest summer days. The Outdoors Magic team wore this for several days in the south west of France, a climate where those features were really put to the test.

On top of its comfort, the Brenta is an incredibly convenient bag. The front section of the pack is easy to access, and the lid has a great pocket big enough to keep a guidebook, notepad or map convenient. The stretch front pocket is great for keeping items handy too.

As a whole the bag is well-made and durable. Two buckles and a lid fasten the main compartment, and the sturdy material means you’ve got a pack that will last you a while. The compression straps make it easy to keep the weight distributed evenly too.

Vaude have given this their own Green Shape label, which certifies that it meets their cleanest manufacturing standards and serves as a marker that the Brenta is made from sustainable materials with resource-conserving production. At R2,010 it’s cheaper than some rival rucksacks designed for similar purposes and while not the cheapest out there, it offers great value for money.

All in all it’s a great choice not only for general hill and mountain walking but for use as an all-round daypack. Lightweight, comfortable and capacious – what’s not to like?

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