Beal Air Light Boulder Pad

Bi-density foam that gives a high capacity of absorbtion and maintains its shape throught its lifetime.


Beal Big Air Boulder Pad

Rolling and folding allows the BIG AIR BAG to fold very easily.


Beal Double Air Boulder Pad

Made of a 3 density enclosed foam that has a high capacity for absorbtion.


Beal Triple Air Boulder Pad

The TRIPLE AIR LIGHT is the larger version of the AIR LIGHT (1,5 m²).

Black Diamond Drop Zone

Mid-sized, do-it-all pad with a taco-fold design and elastic flap for storing your shoes, chalk inside.

Black Diamond Impact Boulder Pad

A simple, all-around pad for day-to-day or entry-level use.

Black Diamond Mondo Boulder Pad

Mega-sized highball pad with a super-durable construction for tall, scary problems the world over.

Evolv Iceman Boulder Pad

The Iceman is the smaller version of the Maverick.


Evolv Maverick Boulder Pad

Large landing zone with a gusseted closure system which eliminates dead spots when the pad is open.

Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad

A small pad for protecting yourself from random obstacles your main pad does not cover.

Metolius Boss Hog Boulder Pad

Innovative new foam layering system provides the ultimate in fall-stopping potential.


Metolius Magnum Boulder Pad

A massive 1.2 m x 1.8 m, in an easy-carrying, tri-fold design.

Metolius Recon Boulder Pad

More landing area than standard-sized pads but  4" (100 mm) narrower when folded.

Ocun Dominator Boulder Pad

Crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs