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  • Beal Air Light Boulder Pad

    Beal Air Light Boulder Pad

    Bi-density foam that gives a high capacity of absorbtion and maintains its shape throught its lifetime. The AIR LIGHT is 1 m² model, designed to for peace of mind for beginners. Like its big brother the DOUBLE AIR BAG, it folds in two very...

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  • Beal Double Air Boulder pad

    Beal Double Air Boulder pad

    The DOUBLE AIR BAG is made of a 3 density enclosed foam that has a high capacity for absorbtion and shape throughout its lifetime. The outer cover is in 100 % polyester with reinforced corners. Easy to fold in two, the DOUBLE AIR BAG has a triple...

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  • Beal Triple Air Boulder Pad

    Beal Triple Air Boulder Pad

    The TRIPLE AIR LIGHT is the larger version of the AIR LIGHT (1,5 m²). It is composed of bi-density foam able to take a high capacity of absorbtion, while retaining its shape throughout the its lifetime of withstanding dynamic pressure. Its size will...

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  • Black Diamond Finger Tape - Full

    Your skin is literally what holds you on the rock, so its no wonder why we as climbers need to constantly maintain a fine-tuned “manicure”.  The Black Diamond Tape Roll aids to repair your finger at the crag and to doctor up those...

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  • Black Diamond Finger Tape - Split

    Your skin is literally what holds you on the rock, so its no wonder why we as climbers need to constantly maintain a fine-tuned “manicure”.  The Black Diamond Tape Roll aids to repair your finger at the crag and to doctor up those...

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  • Black Diamond Impact Crash Pad

    Black Diamond Impact Crash Pad

    A simple, all-around pad for day-to-day or entry-level use, the Impact features a clean, hinge-fold design and a premium foam layup. Built with a redesigned, premium multi-density foam layup and ready for everything from entry-level use to daily...

  • Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45L Crash Pad Pack @http// Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45L Crash Pad Pack @http//

    Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45L Crash Pad Pack

    Days at the crag have never before been so comfortable. With padded shoulder straps and waistbelt combined with a three-point closure system, the Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45 doubles as a gear-carrying workhorse and an at-the-crag chill spot. Zippered...

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  • Black Diamond Sanding Block

    Your skin is the best tool you have for gripping the rock, so keep it primed and ready with this BD Sanding Block, designed to take down those calluses that can potentially snag on the rock and cause the day-ending flapper.

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  • Black Diamond Skin Maintenance Kit

    A compact kit that includes your skin-care essentials for cragging, including a set of nail clippers, 1 ½” inch tape, 1 ½” split roll tape, and sanding block. Your skin is literally what holds you on the rock, so it’s no...

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  • Climber's Friend Healing Oil

    Climber's Friend Healing Oil is named after the deep-rooted mountain plant, and helps soothe the muscles and joints of the body, especially in your hands, fingers and feet.  The oil promotes healing from within, reaching the source of ...

  • Edelrid Boulder Brush

    Type a description for this product here...The Edelrid Boulder Brush can get to almost any tough spots on a hold thanks to the double headed design and the extra stiff bristles are great for removing chalk residue from the smallest of pores...

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  • Edelrid Lite Bag 30L @

    Edelrid Lite Bag 30L

    The Edelrid Lite Bag 30L Is An ultra-light canyoning pack with adjustable shoulder straps and minimal pack size. Ideal for transporting rental equipment. Features: Rivets in base allow water to drain out Drawcord closure Adjustable shoulder...

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  • Edelrid Mantle Crash Pad

    A versatile, fold-out crash pad with indestructible aluminium buckles. Features: Integrated EDELRID foot mat to clean your shoes on Both sides zip together either lengthwise (120 x 110 cm) or side-by-side (230 x 60 cm) Improved, four-layer foam for...

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  • Edelrid Spring Back Bag Orange

    Do you need an efficient gym rope bag? Then look no further. The Edelrid Spring rope bag is a lightweight rope bag with a simplistic design. The Spring folds up into a small pack sack. You can belay straight out of the bag, keeping your rope clean and...

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  • Evolv Agro

    Evolv Agro

    The ultimate high end bouldering shoe. With the sensitivity of a tensioned thin rubber midsole and maximum toe rubber coverage, the Agro has everything you'll need to send your next project. Newly developed TPS (Tension Power System) technology pulls the...

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  • Evolv Bouldering Brush

    Evolv Bouldering Brush

    Ever grease off your proj? Looking for that ultimate friction tool? Well, you found it folks. Bringing you an affordable, 100% real Boar's hair bristle, outfitted on sustainably sourced bamboo. Features: Boar's Hair removes grease from your...

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  • Evolv Iceman Boulder Pad

    The Iceman is the smaller version of the Maverick. It features dual density foam and a continuous 1-inch layer of foam to prevent dead spots in the landing surface. The multi directional corner closure system keeps your belongings safe on the approach...

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  • Evolv Maverick Boulder Pad

    The Maverick features a large landing zone with a gusseted closure system which eliminates dead spots when the pad is open. The rubberized corners keep the pad in place on a slope and also prevent early blowouts in the corner areas. The taco style...

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  • Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad

    Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad

    A small pad for protecting yourself from random obstacles your main pad does not cover. Also great for solo bouldering circuits and old school minimalist bouldering stalwarts. Features: Low volume sit start pad Tree pad for slackline...

  • Flashed Boulder Bucket

    Large boulder bag holds an impressive volume of chalk. Deep, with wide entry for easy access, this boulder bucket is well built and stands proudly, making it less likely to fall and spill. Two handles ensure the bag carries and hangs well.

  • Mammut Boulder Brush

    Slippery slopers are no longer an excuse! The Boulder Brush guarantees a clean grip at any time. Features: Made in Germany Natural hair bristles FSC-certified wood  

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  • Metolius Dust Bin @ Metolius Dust Bin @

    Metolius Dust Bin

    No-spill, tapered design with a large mouth for easy access to your Super Chalk. Dual pockets for small items with multiple brush-holders and grab handle easy transport. Specifications: Dimensions: 8.5" tall x 8" dia. (216 mm x 203 mm) Weight: 6.1...

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  • Metolius M-16 Boulder Brush

    Metolius M-16 Boulder Brush

    A double ended brush with standard and narrow ends make this the perfect tool for scrubbing climbing holds on a route, boulder, or in the gym. It's also great for cleaning the hard to reach parts of your cams. Features: Super stiff bristles Two...

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  • Metolius Magnum Boulder Pad

    A massive 1.2 m x 1.8 m, in an easy-carrying, tri-fold design. 900d body fabric for maximum durability and cross-clipper logo rug for cleaning shoes. Angle cut hinges eliminate the gutter found in other designs.The Magnum also makes an awesome crag...

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  • Metolius Recon Boulder Pad

    More landing area than standard-sized pads but  4" (100 mm) narrower when folded. Sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption: 1" (25 mm) closed-cell top layer, 2½" (60 mm) open-cell center, and ½" (15 mm) closed-cell...

  • Metolius Session Boulder Pad

    Metolius Session Boulder Pad

    A versatile, do-it-all pad at an aggressive price. Flap-closure-system with stash pocket keeps your gear secure, while burly 900d poly outer fabric protects your pad from abrasion. Cross-clipper logo rug for cleaning shoes, padded shoulder straps, a...

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  • Ocun Crushed Chalk 35g

    Ocun Crushed Chalk 35g

    Crushed magnesium specially designed for climbing. Quickly absorbs sweat from your hands and provides maximum friction throughout your climb. Specifications: Weight:35g

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  • Ocun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Ocun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs Paddy Dominator is crash pad for the most demanding boulderers. It´s also suitable for highballs thanks to our patented FTS Absorption Block®...

  • Ocun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    Ocun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    An extreme one-piece crash pad! A Large taco-style crash pad with an area over 2.0 m2, one-piece pad, easy manipulation. Roll system with 2 flaps enabling packing of extra gear. Features: Duralumin hook buckles Flaps for easy...

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  • Ocun Incubator Boulder Pad

    The most compact giant crash pad on the market! The Incubator is a large crash pad for demanding boulderers. It´s surprisingly easy to fold it into it's very compact packed form for transport. Thanks to its optimized volume it'll...

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  • Ocun Moonwalk Boulder Pad

    Performance with attention to detail - The Moonwalk is recommended for all types of bouldering, including highballs. It offers two different ways of opening as well as the possibility to connect more crash pads together and create a bigger...

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  • Ocun Sundance Boulder Pad

    Ocun's Full-fledged crash pad with a good price to performance ratio! The Sundance is an all-around crash pad based on the well-tried Ocún design, suitable for everyday bouldering. It´s a full-fledged crash pad...

  • Scallywags Boo Boo Butter

    Scallywags Boo Boo Butter is a multipurpose skin care cream that can be used to sooth burns, cuts , scrapes & an array of boo boos that need deep moisturising and nourishing.⁣⁣100% All natural.⁣ Contains Mango Butter Cocoa Butter Jojoba...

  • Send Classic Kneepad Large

    Send Classic Kneepad Large

    - Sold Individually - The Downgrader knee pad you love is now the STRAP-ON CLASSIC!  Same features you know and love, now with STICKIER thick rubber and thick neoprene for ultimate comfort and grabbing power. FEATURING -4.3mm of...

  • Send Classic Kneepad Mini

    Send Classic Kneepad Mini

    - Sold individually - The MINI is for everyone The MINI is designed to fit most legs! If you happen to have extra slender legs the MINI will likely fit you better, BUT it's not just for smaller folks or youths, If you simply prefer...

  • Thera-Putty Red

    Thera-Putty Red

    Rolyan Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy,  Non toxic Non oily 1 container, provides plenty of putty for...

  • Wild Country Boulder Bucket

    Wild Country Boulder Bucket

    Perfect for sharing at the woody, and great for long days out; the large boulder bag holds an impressive volume of chalk. Deep, with wide entry for easy access, the Boulder Bag is well built and stands proudly, making it less likely to fall and spill...

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