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  • Evolv Agro

    Evolv Agro

    The ultimate high end bouldering shoe. With the sensitivity of a tensioned thin rubber midsole and maximum toe rubber coverage, the Agro has everything you'll need to send your next project. Newly...

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  • Evolv Andes Chalk Bag

    Evolv Andes Chalk Bag

    Our knit chalkbags are made from the best quality materials that we could find. They hold chalk and look sweet. Handwoven in the Andes Mountains   Features: Durable Material Belt...

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  • Evolv Bouldering Brush

    Evolv Bouldering Brush

    Ever grease off your proj? Looking for that ultimate friction tool? Well, you found it folks. Bringing you an affordable, 100% real Boar's hair bristle, outfitted on sustainably sourced bamboo...

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  • Evolv Defy Black

    Evolv Defy Black

    The Defy is one of the best selling climbing shoes in the world. Anatomical fit that is great for beginners and advanced climbers coupled with great looks make it a no-brainer for a first time or...

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  • Evolv Docon

    Evolv Docon

    Evolv's Docon shoes are the most durable lace rental shoe on the market. A comfortable symmetrical toe profile and leather upper make it great for programs that want an adjustable fit. ...

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  • Evolv Elektra

    Evolv Elektra

    ALL-AROUND The Elektra is one of the best selling low-volume climbing shoes in the world. Anatomical fit that is great for beginners and advanced climbers coupled with great looks make...

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  • Evolv Iceman Boulder Pad

    The Iceman is the smaller version of the Maverick. It features dual density foam and a continuous 1-inch layer of foam to prevent dead spots in the landing surface. The multi directional corner...

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  • Evolv Maverick Boulder Pad

    The Maverick features a large landing zone with a gusseted closure system which eliminates dead spots when the pad is open. The rubberized corners keep the pad in place on a slope and also...

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  • Evolv Nighthawk

    Evolv Nighthawk

    A true all-around climbing shoe. The Nighthawk is built on an all-new shape that fits beginners and advanced climbers alike. Unlined leather offers the maximum amount of comfort and ensures...

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  • Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad

    Evolv Ringer Boulder Pad

    A small pad for protecting yourself from random obstacles your main pad does not cover. Also great for solo bouldering circuits and old school minimalist bouldering stalwarts. Features: Low...

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  • Evolv Shakra Evolv Shakra

    Evolv Shakra

    The Shakra utilizes the same technology (love bump, knuckle box) as the highly successful Shaman in a lower volume and narrower fitting upper design. An amazing fit, a dual hook and loop closure...

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  • Evolv Shaman

    Evolv Shaman

    ULTRA PERFORMANCE Building off the legacy of the original, the newly redesigned Shaman is the anchor of the Chris Sharma Signature Series. The new Shaman has an improved fit in terms...

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  • Evolv Skyhawk

    Evolv Skyhawk

    ALL-AROUND A true all-around climbing shoe, the Skyhawk is built on an all-new shape that fits the lower volume and slightly narrower feet of beginners and advanced climbers alike...

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  • Evolv Supra Evolv Supra

    Evolv Supra

    The Supra is developed on a newly shaped, slightly cambered asymmetric last which provides great control on small edges as well as micro smears. It's the perfect cambered, powerful shoe that doesn't...

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  • Evolv Venga Kids Shoes

    Evolv Venga Kids Shoes

    The Venga unisex kid's shoe sports a modern look, real rock shoe performance, comfortable fit, and a size adjusting heel strap for growing kids. Features: VEGAN FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC - Synthratek...

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  • Evolv Zender Evolv Zender

    Evolv Zender

    The Zender bridges the gap between ultra-light and approach shoe. Built on a new last with more all around support and a full leather upper, the Zender can go farther yet maintains its lightweight...

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