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Emergency and First Aid

  • Coghlan's Flint Striker @

    Coghlan's Flint Striker

    The Coghlan's Flint Striker Is a great compact tool to carry on any hiking or camping trip Features: Last for thousand of strikes Pushing the striker provided down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles Fireproof in solid form, the tool works...

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  • Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho @ Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho @

    Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho

    The Coghlan's lightweight waterproof poncho includes an attached hood with PVC snap button closures on sides.  This rain poncho is made from vinyl material with electronically welded seams. Features: Waterproof One size fits all

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  • Coghlan's Safety Whistle @

    Coghlan's Safety Whistle

    The Coghlan's Safety Whistle is a Bright orange whistle designed for the ultimate in function and visibility. Black lanyard with “break-away” snap closure. International Safety Whistle and Morse Code printed on the backer card. Always a good...

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  • Coghlans Emergency Blanket

    Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Also known as a survival blanket, space blanket, first aid blanket, thermal blanket or all weather blanket. The Coghlan’s emergency blanket is essential...

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  • Coghlans Emergency Preparedness Kit @http//

    Coghlans Emergency Preparedness Kit

    The Coghlan's Emergency Preparedness Kit features survival items for hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, earthquakes or any other emergency.  Contents: 4 x 8 Hr. Emergency Candles 4 x Disposable Handwarmers 2 x 12 Hr. Lightsticks 2 x...

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  • Coghlans Storm Matches - 25pk @http//

    Coghlans Storm Matches - 25pk

    These waterproof and windproof matches burn even while wet! The matches are developed specifically for the UK Ministry of Defense and are NATO approved. Designed to light in all extremes of weather, the match can withstand immersion in water and cannot...

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  • Coghlans Survival Bag

    Can be used as a distress signal or for storing gear. Also helps prevent hypothermia. Specifications: Size: 84” x 36” (210 x 90 cm) Weight: 9 oz. (255 g) Made from 3-mil polyethylene

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  • Gidgitz Capsule Whistle @http//

    Gidgitz Capsule Whistle

    A multipurpose Gidgitz which offers you a keyring & capsule whistle in-one and which is a practical tool in emergencies and for sports. Features: Comes in various colours and may vary from item pictured. Constructed of Aluminium Size: 80mm x 12...

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  • Life Systems Adventurer First Aid Kit @http//

    Life Systems Adventurer First Aid Kit

    The Adventurer is a well-equipped First Aid Kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries. The QuickFind System ensures that the contents are organised and keeps the pack compact. Features: Medication 16 x Paracetamol Tablets...

  • Life Systems Trek First Aid Kit @http//

    Life Systems Trek First Aid Kit

    Recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Trek first aid kit is the perfect size for many daily outdoor activities and is great for dealing with small accidents. The kit provides essential first aid items for treating cuts, grazes,...

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