• Jetboil MightyMo Stove Online at Mountain Mail Order South Africa

    Jetboil MightyMo Stove

    Pack it up, pack it in with the ridiculously versatile and compact MightyMo stove, which weighs less than a deck of cards. The MightyMo can reach a rolling boil in roughly three minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. The four-turn...

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  • Fire Maple Fire-Lite Stove Fire Maple Fire-Lite Stove

    Fire Maple Fire-Lite Stove

    The 300-T is an award winning incredibly light and small yet powerful stove ready for your outdoor adventures. It’s diminutive size folds up and fits into nearly any cookpot or kettle on the market. The folding pot support arms hold securely to...

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  • MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove @http// MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove @http//

    MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove

    This enhanced PocketRocket stove boasts premium features, including a pressure regulator that makes it ideal for all-condition environments, offering consistently faster boil times than non-regulated canister-mounted stoves. Just a smidge heavier (10 g/...

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  • Fire Maple Fire-Flint Stove @http// Fire Maple Fire-Flint Stove @http//

    Fire Maple Fire-Flint Stove

    Description The self-ignitable Fire Maple FIRE-FLINT Stove is a compact foldable gas stove which includes a piezo ignition (output 10000 btu /2930w), angled burner head for better heat distribution and a plastic protection carry case...

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  • Fire Maple Fire Fuze Stove @http// Fire Maple Fire Fuze Stove @http//

    Fire Maple Fire Fuse Stove

    The Fire Maple FIRE-FUSE Stove is an ultra light compact folding gas stove which has an output of 9622 btu (2820w) and includes a large burner head for larger/better heat distribution on larger pots. Features: Uses Propane / Butane Gas...

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  • Fire Maple Fire Fleet @http//

    Fire Maple Fire Fleet

    The Fire Maple FIRE-FLEET is a compact folding gas stove which has an output of 10202 btu (2990w) that is connected to the pre-heating gas generator tube , continues onto to the flexible fuel line before it connects or is...

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  • Edelrid Kiro ST Stove

    Edelrid Kiro ST Stove

    Lightweight gas stove with compact pack size and fine adjustment. Features: For all standard screw gas cartridges Fine adjustment and optimal flame distribution for maximum efficiency Sturdy construction and compact pack size Supplied with...

  • Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Stove Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Stove

    Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Stove

    A new-generation, ultra-light multi-fuel stove. Weighing just 220 g, it’s one of the lightest stoves in its class. Features: Full versatility – functions with gas, gasoline and kerosene Fold-out feet and pot stand ensure a stable base...

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  • MSR Whisperlite Universal

    MSR Whisperlite Universal

    The hybrid-fuel WhisperLite Universal stove delivers the ease and simmering capabilities of canister fuel, and switches easily over to liquid fuels for longer trips, cold-weather, and international use. Our patent-pending AirControl™technology is...

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  • MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove

    MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove

    The next-generation PocketRocket® 2 stove takes everything impressive about the iconic original and puts it into an even smaller and lighter high-performance design. Barely noticeable in your pack, it’s fast at camp, boiling 1 liter of...

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  • MSR Dragonfly Multifuel Stove

    MSR Dragonfly Multifuel Stove

    The Dragonfly stove takes precision-simmering performance and puts it in a chassis that’s built to handle a variety of fuels and the frequent use dished-out by global vagabonds. Tough and stable, it also excels in institutional and guide service...

  • MSR XGK - EX Stove

    MSR XGK - EX Stove

    For over 35 years, the MSR® XGK™ stove has been the world's most reliable extreme-condition stove; trusted by mountaineers everywhere. The XGK EX stove continues that legacy with unrivaled performance, dependability and better...

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  • Fire Maple Multifuel Stove

    Fire Maple Multifuel Stove

    The structure of FMC-F3 allows it to be packed into bag and is easy to carry.  Oil pump is lightweight and has an integrated design, Weighs only 47g.It...

  • Coghlans Emergency Stove

    Coghlans Emergency Stove

    Light, strong and compact. Requires no liquids, no priming, no wick and no pressure – the ideal emergency stove. Specifications:  24 Fuel Tablets included. Uses any solid fuel such as Hexamine, Trioxane or Sterno.Boil Time: 1 cup...

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