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Tents and Bivys

  • Vango Alloy Tent Pegs 10 Pack @

    Vango Alloy Pegs 10 Pack

    Small, light and really easy to use. They will penetrate most ground conditions making them very versatile. Each pack contains 10 pegs. Weight:  0.014kg Packsize:  L22.0 x H9.0 x W18.0cm

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  • Vango Banshee Pro 200 @ Vango Banshee Pro 200 @

    Vango Banshee Pro 200

    A Vango institution, the Banshee Pro balances pack weight, pack size and living space perfectly, to provide a fantastic trekking and wild camping tent. But standing still is not an option at Vango and the innovation team have worked hard to bring fresh...

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  • Vango Blade 100 Tent

    Vango Blade 100 Tent

    Blade is a single pole, 1 man tent perfect for hiking and multi-day trekking. The compact size and single pole, hoop construction makes it simple and quick to pitch this tent. The Blade balances great space to weight ratio, with exceptional value for...

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  • Vango Halo Pro 300 @ Vango Halo Pro 300 @

    Vango Halo Pro 300

    Designed to be simple to use by all, the Halo offers a rock-solid semi geodesic structure with three identical length poles. The Halo is known for its large living and porch space as well as the two large doors which create additional flexibility. We...

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  • Vango Helvellyn 200

    Vango Helvellyn 200

    A semi-geodesic construction makes our Helvellyn ideal for year-round adventures. It can handle the roughest terrain thanks to its rigidity and self-supporting structure. The Helvellyn has a great strength to weight ratio and multi-functional porch...

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  • Vango Helvellyn 300 @ Vango Helvellyn 300 @

    Vango Helvellyn 300

    The Vango Helvellyn is a semi geodesic 3 man tent, which is ideal for year round trekking, particularly on rougher terrain because of its excellent self-supporting structure. Part of the Vango Experience collection, it is ideal for those where weight...

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  • Vango Mirage Pro 200 @ Vango Mirage Pro 200 @

    Vango Mirage Pro 200

    With one of the best strength to weight ratios in the range, Mirage Pro is the ideal semi-geodesic tent for year-round trekking. Freestanding and incredibly strong, Mirage Pro takes uneven ground and bad weather in its stride. It is made for wild camping...

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  • Vango Nemesis 200

    Vango Nemesis 200

    The Vango Nemesis 200 tent is the stand-out tent in the trekking collection, as it offers a fully geodesic design of tent ensuring it will be capable of standing up to any type of British weather. Perfect for lightweight, technical campers and scout...

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  • Vango Nemesis Pro 300 @ Vango Nemesis Pro 300 @

    Vango Nemesis Pro 300

    The Nemesis is a classic geodesic construction with 5 crossover nodes for free standing all-season stability, increased further by the use of Gothic Arch poles on the porch structure. Designed specifically for winter camping and adverse weather...

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  • Vango Nevis 100

    Vango Nevis 100

    Compact and lightweight, the Nevis 100 offers a great shelter for short camping trips. Good head height and a quick pitch are all wrapped up in a small pack size and very low weight. Our Nevis tent keeps trekking simple with lots of extras to make your...

  • Vango Soul 100

    Vango Soul 100

    The Soul offers an ideal starter tent for those taking their first steps into the world of camping.  The Soul has just two poles and an easy to pitch tunnel design meaning this tent can be pitched in around seven minutes, leaving plenty of time...

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  • Vango Soul 200

    The Soul is the ideal starter tent for those exploring their spirit of adventure! It can be pitched in under seven minutes thanks to the simple tunnel design and two pole structure, while the fast pack tent bag ensures it’s a breeze to pack away...

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  • Vango Storm Shelter 400 @

    Vango Storm Shelter 400

    This is an essential piece of equipment for anyone spending time on the hills. Enjoy lunch in a warm dry area on a rainy day to invigorate you for the afternoon. In more extreme situations be reassured that the bright colour and reflective tape on...

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