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  • MSR 3-in-1 Dromedary Cap

    This versatile replacement cap for Dromedary® and DromLite™ bags features a large filling cap, a smaller pouring cap, and a flip-up nozzle for drinking or washing hands and dishes. Specifications: Material(s) PU Weight (Standard) 0...

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  • MSR AutoFlow Replacement Filter Cartridge

    Restore flow rates in your AutoFlow Gravity Filter by replacing a tired, worn cartridge with fresh, new Hollow Fiber media. Specifications:  Effective against bacteria Yes Effective against particulate Yes Effective against protozoa Yes ...

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  • MSR HyperFlow Microfilter Maintanence Kit

    A complete kit for periodic maintenance of your HyperFlow Microfilter pump. Specifications: Weight (Standard) 6 oz Weight (Metric) 0.05 kg Width (Standard) 1.6 in Width (Metric) 4.0 cm Length (Standard) 4.4 in Length (Metric) 11.3 cm Height...

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  • MSR MiniWorks / WaterWorks Ceramic Element

    Replacement ceramic filter element for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks microfilters provides increased flow rates for older models. Specifications: Weight (Standard) 3.8 oz Weight (Metric) 0.11 kg Width (Standard) 2 in Length (Standard) 4.6 in ...

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  • MSR MiniWorks / WaterWorks Maintenance Kit

    A complete maintenance kit for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks microfilters. Specifications: Weight (Standard) 1.1 oz Weight (Metric) 0.03 kg Width (Standard) 1.8 in Width (Metric) 4.5 cm Length (Standard) 3.3 in Length (Metric) 8 cm Country...

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  • SteriPEN FitsAll Filter

    SteriPEN FitsAll Filter

    The SteriPEN FitsAll Filter effectively removes particulates from water with the use of a durable 40×40 micron screen. Its unique design, featuring the filter cup and funnel fit, offers flexibility to filter water into bottles with a wide range of...

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  • SteriPEN Pre-Filter

    SteriPEN Pre-Filter

    The SteriPEN Pre-Filter removes debris from water so the UV light can effectively destroy the microorganisms in it. Forms water tight seal with SteriPEN Classic 3, SteriPEN Ultra or SteriPEN Aqua. Specifications: Size: 1.85 in...

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