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  • Black Diamond Sanding Block

    Your skin is the best tool you have for gripping the rock, so keep it primed and ready with this BD Sanding Block, designed to take down those calluses that can potentially snag on the rock and cause the day-ending flapper.

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  • Flashed Dyneema Slings Flashed Dyneema Slings

    Flashed Dyneema Slings

    FLASHED DYNEEMA 120CM SLING Width in mm: 10mm Length: 120cm Weight: 39.5g Colour: Green Breaking strength: 22KN Certification (s): CE0321 EN566  FLASHED DYNEEMA 60CM SLING Width in mm: 10mm Length: 60cm Weight: 20.5g Colour:...

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  • Essential Long Travel Spoon

    GSI Outdoors Essential Long Travel Spoon

    When you're digging into your favorite pouch of trail food, keep your fingers nice and clean with GSI's Essential Spoon. With its long design, you can get to the bottom of things with out making a mess. Ultra sturdy long nylon handle and spoon bowl;...

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  • Mammut Bionic Mini Biner

    Mammut Bionic Mini Biner

    Small, flat carabiner is not suitable for climbing, but it does make a perfect key fob, for example. The Mammut Mini biner is perfect for holding your keys and other small accessories.

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  • Metolius Finger Tape Metolius Finger Tape

    Metolius Finger Tape

    100% cotton athletic tape, super sticky formula. Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. Be sure to check out the video links above for instructions on taping for split finger tips and climbing hand cracks...

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  • Ocun Crushed Chalk 35g

    Ocun Crushed Chalk 35g

    Crushed magnesium specially designed for climbing. Quickly absorbs sweat from your hands and provides maximum friction throughout your climb. Specifications: Weight:35g

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  • Scallywags Boo Boo Butter

    Scallywags Boo Boo Butter is a multipurpose skin care cream that can be used to sooth burns, cuts , scrapes & an array of boo boos that need deep moisturising and nourishing.⁣⁣100% All natural.⁣ Contains Mango Butter Cocoa Butter Jojoba...