Aid Climbing

  • Black Diamond Rurp @http//

    Black Diamond Rurp

    Used in bottoming, incipient cracks, this aid tool has opened up otherwise unclimbable passages. Features Realized Ultimate Reality Piton—a Chouinard classic Integrated wire-cabled sling TECH SPECS Weight :  14 g...

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  • Black Diamond Talon Hook @

    Black Diamond Talon Hook

    A versatile three-hooks-in-one design and an extra broad base for increased stability. Features: Covers edges and holes from 4.8 mm to 13mm

  • Black Diamond Pecker Pitons Black Diamond Pecker Pitons

    Black Diamond Pecker Pitons

    Beak-style pitons that fit where nothing else will. For hairline cracks, subtle seams and indistinct fractures, the Pecker’s knife-thin, double-tapered blade fits where nothing else will. Features: Serrated teeth provide purchase in soft...

  • Black Diamond Lost Arrow Piton

    Black Diamond Lost Arrow Piton

    Tough enough to withstand repeated abuse in thin to medium-width cracks, hot forged Lost Arrows are patterned after the original designs of John Salathé and are as light as possible for their given size. Features: Lightweight for their...

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