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Crash Pads

  • Ocun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Ocun Dominator Boulder Pad

    Crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs Paddy Dominator is crash pad for the most demanding boulderers. It´s also suitable for highballs thanks to our patented FTS Absorption Block®...

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  • Ocun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    Ocun Dreamtime Boulder Pad

    An extreme one-piece crash pad! A Large taco-style crash pad with an area over 2.0 m2, one-piece pad, easy manipulation. Roll system with 2 flaps enabling packing of extra gear. Features: Duralumin hook buckles Flaps for easy...

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  • Ocun Incubator Boulder Pad

    The most compact giant crash pad on the market! The Incubator is a large crash pad for demanding boulderers. It´s surprisingly easy to fold it into it's very compact packed form for transport. Thanks to its optimized volume it'll...

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  • Ocun Moonwalk Boulder Pad

    Performance with attention to detail - The Moonwalk is recommended for all types of bouldering, including highballs. It offers two different ways of opening as well as the possibility to connect more crash pads together and create a bigger...

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  • Ocun Sundance Boulder Pad

    Ocun's Full-fledged crash pad with a good price to performance ratio! The Sundance is an all-around crash pad based on the well-tried Ocún design, suitable for everyday bouldering. It´s a full-fledged crash pad...

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