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Chalk Bags

  • Black Diamond Creek Chalk Bag

    Designed from the waterproof and durable material of our Creek Series, the Black Diamond Creek Chalk Bag is for deep crack climbing and squeeze chimney groveling. With a metal belt closure and chalk brush holder, the details are dialed, and an ergonomic...

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  • Black Diamond Freerider Chalk Bag

    This chalk bag is one of two pieces of equipment used by BD Athlete Alex Honnold on his historic free solo of El Capitan's Freerider (IV 5.13). Featuring Honnold's signature and our time-tested design, a percentage of sales from the Freerider goes to the...

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  • Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

    Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

    Our classic, cylinder-shaped chalk bag with a pliable wire rim and reinforced TPU lower, the Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag also features a rear zippered pocket that holds small essentials like your keys, a route topo or a smartphone. The included...

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  • Lucky Chalk Bag Blue Guru @ Lucky Chalk Bag Blue Biners  @

    Ocun Lucky Chalk Bags

    Lucky is our collection of chalk bags for crushed chalk available in variety of colourful design patterns using fresh colours. Features: Integrated brush holder Includes Chalk Bag Belt Specifications: Weight: 75g Material: Cotton

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  • Ocun Push Chalk Bag Red @ Ocun Push Chalk Bag Green Blue  @

    Ocun Push Chalk Bags

    Chalk bag as a fashion accessory to Ocún harness Features: Practical pocket on the back + 2 brush holders Colors: black with Ocún hot print in front and coloured edging Includes Chalk Bag...

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