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  • Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

    Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

    Perfect for the sport climber on a budget, the Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw gives full wiregate performance without emptying your wallet. Two wiregate HotWire biners and a durable 12 or 16 mm (.7 in) Polyester Dogbone make for a light, all-purpose...

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  • DMM Alpha Trad Quickdraw

    The Alpha Trad is our most ergonomic carabiner, with a back design that is easy to manipulate and clip. Fully clean nosed, it won't snag on gear or ropes. Connected with a Dynatec 11mm sling, the Alpha Trad quickdraw gives excellent handling whether...

  • Edelrid Bulletproof

    Edelrid Bulletproof

    Our extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set with steel insert in lower carabiner to prevent premature wear. Features: H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight One bullet carabiner and one bulletproof...

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  • Edelrid Pure slim Wire Quickdraw

    Lightweight all-round quickdraw set with wire gate on lower carabiner. Designed for sport climbing and alpine multi-pitch routes. Features: Ultra-strong 11/17 mm narrow/wide polyamide sling Keylock closure system on upper carabiner for optimal...

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  • Edelrid Slash Wire Quickdraw

    Robust quickdraw set with wire gate on lower carabiner. Excellent price/performance ratio. Features: Wire gate on lower carabiner reduces the whiplash effect on gate in the event of a fall Robust carabiners with Keylock closure system for optimal...

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  • Flashed Solid Gate Quickdraw

    Flashed Solid Gate Quickdraw

    The all new Flashed solid gate draw.  Perfect for working routes and light enough for redpoints. Features: 11cm Quickdraw 17cm Quickdraw   Specifications: Major axis strength: 24KN Minor axis strength: 8KN Open gate strength:...

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  • Flashed Wire Gate Quickdraw

    With a dyneema sling, this wire draw is your first choice for long days out on the mountain and light and strong enough for redpoints and onsights. Specifications: Major axis strength: 24KN Minor axis strength: 8KN Open gate strength: 8KN Weight:...

  • Mammut Bionic Express Quickdraw

    The high-end quickdraw in the Mammut® collection. The two stylish Bionic carabiners are connected by a 10 mm Dyneema® sling and guarantee optimum handling. Specifications: Vertical breaking load: 20kN Open breaking load: 7...

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  • Metolius FS Mini II Long Draw

    Metolius FS Mini II Long Draw

    These long draws are made up of two FS Mini II carabiners joined by an 11 mm Monster Sling. They are designed to be carried on your harness gear loops just like a normal quickdraw, which gives you quick and easy access to shoulder length slings...

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  • Ocun Falcon 15cm Quickdraw

    Great choice as quickdraws for sport climbing Features: Top Falcon Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping 16 mm Polyamide webbing with high durability Bottom Falcon Bent carabiner (with K-lock) for easy rope clipping Rubber...

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  • Ocun Falcon Quickdraw 5 Pack

    Ocun Falcon Quickdraw 5 Pack

    Set of quickdraws suitable for sport climbing, perfect for red point climbing and working on harder routes. Features: Top Falcon Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping Zoom QD (26/16 mm) Polyamide webbing of...

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  • Ocun Hawk Combi 5 PACK  Quickdraw

    Ocun Hawk Combi 5 PACK Quickdraw

    Draws especially recommended for multipitch climbing. Features: Express set with a PA sling, where a combination of key-lock carabiners and wire gate carabiners offer maximum climbing safety.The extended sling reduces rope drag when anchor points lie...

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  • SALE

    Ocun Hawk Quickdraw

    Recommended for sport and alpine climbing. Features: Top and bottom Hawk Wire carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping and elimination of gate fl utter and freezing up 16 mm Polyamide webbing with high durabilitity;...

  • Petzl Djinn Quick Draw

    Petzl Djinn Quick Draw

    Durable quickdraw for rock climbing. Reliable and durable, the DJINN AXESS quickdraw is especially suited for rock climbing. DJINN carabiners have a wide rope contact zone to limit rope drag and provide greater durability for both carabiner and rope...

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  • Petzl Express Nylon Dogbone

    Petzl Express Nylon Dogbone

    The EXPRESS is the perfect dogbone for sport climbing. The ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS webbing offers excellent grip when working a route. The STRING allows the carabiner to be held in position and protects the webbing from wear.

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  • Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw

    Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw

    The SPIRIT EXPRESS quickdraw offers better clipping for sport climbing. Weighing less than 100 g, it is versatile and moves easily from the crag to long sport routes. It has a straight-gate SPIRIT carabiner on top and a bent-gate version on bottom. The...

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  • Wild Country Astro Quickdraw Wild Country Astro Quickdraw

    Wild Country Astro Quickdraw

    Our lightest quickdraw, the Astro remains a very usable unit at a weight that puts it firmly in the superlight category. These revised units feature colour co-ordination, are on our new 10mm dyneema and are available in two lengths: 10cm and 15cm...

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  • Wild Country Electron Quickdraw

    Wild Country Electron Quickdraw

    Combining the quick clipping new Electron biner with our proven variable width webbing. A multi-discipline master, the Wild Country Electron Quickdraw has distinctive, ergonomically-shaped carabiners which are exceptionally easy to handle. Hot...

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  • Wild Country Hybrid Quickdraw

    Wild Country Hybrid Sport Draw

    This superb sport climbing combination features a burly bolt end 'biner complemented by a lightweight and swift clipping wiregate. The new Electron provides the clip end and has a straight gate for security and a no-hook nose for stripping while the...

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  • Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw

    Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw

    Sleeker, slimmer, lighter and stronger. Trimmed of any excess it has been re-modelled with an I beam back, a hooded nose and a leaner profile. Wildwire quickdraws are available in two lengths, these utilize the new 12mm dyneema dogbones and come in...

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