The best rock climbing shoes are multi-functional which means they can be used for indoor and outdoor climbing. They provide support and comfort for most climbing expeditions.

  • Ocun Havoc Pair - Online at Mountain Mail Order South Africa Ocun Havoc Single - Online at Mountain Mail Order South Africa

    Ocun Havoc

    Performance, performance, performance. The Ocun Havoc is designed to deliver! With a downturned shape and low asymmetry, the Havoc is geared to provide precision and sensitivity on those micro foot holds, while keeping your foot in a natural and...

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  • Ocun Oxi S Climbing Shoe @http// Ocun Oxi S Climbing Shoe @http//

    Ocun Oxi S

    The Ocun Oxi S is an advanced shoe that excels at helping you tame those narly boulders. Toe-hooking ability is enhanced through a large piece of high-friction rubber placed along the toe area. Grippin' Sticky rubber is Ocun's maximum friction compound...

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  • Ocun Oxi Lady Ocun Oxi Lady

    Ocun Oxi Lady

    Looking for an extra edge to improve your bouldering and sport climbing? Then, the Ocun Oxi Lady is the one for you! Designed with a rubberized toe-box and heel, specifically feminine cut and perfect toe and heel sensitivity, the Oxi Lady will give...

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  • Evolv Supra Climbing Shoe @http// Evolv Supra Climbing Shoe @http//

    Evolv Supra

    Pushing the Luchador aside, the Evolv Supra are the newest edition of Chris Sharma’s signature series of climbing shoes. Aimed at intermediate-to-advanced climbers, the Supra has a modestly downturned and features some slight asymmetry across the...

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  • Evolv Shakra Evolv Shakra

    Evolv Shakra

    If you are transitioning into a more aggressive shoe, the Shakra are a great choice. They provide all the performance of an aggressively shaped shoe, with the comfort of a beginner climber shoe. The Shakra is very similar to the Sharman 2 with a...

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  • Ocun Oxi QC

    Ocun Oxi QC

    Oxi QC is a performance climbing shoe suitable for a wide range of rock activities. Sport climbing, bouldering or indoor training. Oxi QC is a shoe for a climber who wants to compete in all disciplines. Highly rubberised toe-box and slingshot...

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  • Ocun Ozone Lady Climbing Shoe @http// Ocun Ozone Lady Climbing Shoe @http//

    Ocun Ozone Lady

    Female model of our high-performance climbing shoe with the unique 3-Force System design. With a narrower cut and shallower heel, the Ozone Lady is guaranteed to fit more slender female feet perfectly. The high torsion stability of the patented...

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  • Evolv Kira Evolv Kira

    Evolv Kira

    TECHNICAL ALL-AROUND Anatomically engineered parts and design provide the Kira with a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance. It uses a single hook and loop strap plus adjustable finish-pull strap closure for convenience and a customizable fit...

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  • Evolv Elektra @ Evolv Elektra @

    Evolv Elektra

    ALL-ROUND The Elektra is one of the best selling low-volume climbing shoes in the world. Anatomical fit that is great for beginners and advanced climbers coupled with great looks makes it a no-brainer for a first timers or repeat buyer...

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  • Ocun Ozone Plus Climbing Shoe @http// Ocun Ozone Plus Climbing Shoe @http//

    Ocun Ozone Plus

    High-performance climbing shoe with unique 3-Force System designed for climbers with wider feet. Ozone Plus offers all the advantages of the Ozone shoes, including the 3-Force system, to climbers with wider feet. Features: A modern gun for...

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  • Evolv Shaman Evolv Shaman

    Evolv Shaman

    ULTRA PERFORMANCE Building off the legacy of the original, the newly redesigned Shaman is the anchor of the Chris Sharma Signature Series. The new Shaman has an improved fit in terms of engineered comfort and performance with more toe...

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