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Slings and cords

  • Black Diamond Dynex Runners

    Black Diamond Dynex Runners

    Keeping rope drag and rack weight to a minimum, 10 mm (.4 in) Black Diamond Dynex™ Runners have a tight weave that increases durability and decreases bulk. Features: Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight Assorted...

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  • Black Diamond Nylon Slings

    Black Diamond Nylon Slings

    Versatile sewn runners for building anchors, slinging natural features and extending placements on wandering routes, Black Diamond Nylon Runners offer durable and classic functionality. Each size is also color-coded for quick and easy identification on...

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  • Flashed Dyneema Slings Flashed Dyneema Slings

    Flashed Dyneema Slings

    FLASHED DYNEEMA 120CM SLING Width in mm: 10mm Length: 120cm Weight: 39.5g Colour: Green Breaking strength: 22KN Certification (s): CE0321 EN566  FLASHED DYNEEMA 60CM SLING Width in mm: 10mm Length: 60cm Weight: 20.5g Colour:...

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  • Petzl Anneau Nylon Sling

    Petzl Anneau Nylon Sling

    Polyester sling Sling designed for setting up a belay or an anchor, or for extending an anchor point. Features: Available in four lengths: - 60 cm, yellow- 80 cm, blue- 120 cm, green- 150 cm, red Specifications: Strength: 22 kN Material(s):...

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  • Petzl St. Anneau Dyneema Sling

    Petzl St. Anneau Dyneema Sling

    Lighter and more flexible than nylon slings Features: Very abrasion resistant Width: 12 mm Available in 3 color-coded sizes for easy identification: 24, 60 and 120 cm Strength: 22 kN Specifications: aterial(s): nylon and Dyneema® webbing,...

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  • Singing Rock Sport Nylon 16mm

    Singing Rock Sport Nylon 16mm

    Sling for an anchor point.   Features: light and strong sewn sling - much stronger than an ordinary tying with knot part of the gear you use for every outdoor activity climbers use slings straps for resting at belay stations and as protection...

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  • Wild Country Dyneema Sling 10mm Wild Country Dyneema Sling 10mm

    Wild Country Dyneema Sling 10mm

    The introduction of Dyneema tape represented the most significant breakthrough in software technology in recent years. Despite being narrower than common nylon webbing, these slings lost nothing in the way of strength, coming in at the same 22kN rating. ...

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