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Slings and cords

  • Mammut 26mm Tubular Webbing

    Tubular Webbing belongs among the gear of any climber or mountaineer. Whether it is for knot slings or setting up belay points, the flat, robust Tubular Webbing belongs among the gear of any climber or mountaineer. Various colors make it easier to...

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  • Mammut Contact Sling Dyneema Mammut Contact Sling Dyneema

    Mammut Contact Sling Dyneema

    The latest generation of the unbeatable Mammut® contact slings: a very strong Dyneema® webbing combined with the innovative Contact stitching technique ensures optimum handing, even in the seam area of these lightweight, high-end slings...

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  • Mammut Crocodile 13.0 Sling 120cm Blue @http// Mammut Crocodile 13.0 Sling 60cm Red @http//

    Mammut Crocodile 13.0 Sling

    The Crocodile stitching technique produces the thinnest polyester slings on the market: Measuring 13 mm wide, these slings offering high safety reserves and strength. Features: Width: 13 mm Length: Various Breaking load: 22 kN

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  • Petzl Anneau Nylon Sling

    Petzl Anneau Nylon Sling

    Polyester sling Sling designed for setting up a belay or an anchor, or for extending an anchor point. Features: Available in four lengths: - 60 cm, yellow- 80 cm, blue- 120 cm, green- 150 cm, red Specifications: Strength: 22 kN Material(s):...

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  • Petzl Express Nylon Dogbone

    Petzl Express Nylon Dogbone

    The EXPRESS is the perfect dogbone for sport climbing. The ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS webbing offers excellent grip when working a route. The STRING allows the carabiner to be held in position and protects the webbing from wear.

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  • Petzl St. Anneau Dyneema Sling

    Petzl St. Anneau Dyneema Sling

    Lighter and more flexible than nylon slings Features: Very abrasion resistant Width: 12 mm Available in 3 color-coded sizes for easy identification: 24, 60 and 120 cm Strength: 22 kN Specifications: aterial(s): nylon and Dyneema® webbing,...

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