• Petzl Fifi Hook Online at Mountain Mail Order South Africa

    Petzl Fifi Hook

    Suspension hook for aid climbing. Hook for positioning, progression and haul bag retrieval. Features: The slot allows attachment of a retrieval system to a n° 5 quick link The quick link can move freely in the slot, which facilitates load...

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  • Wild Country Ropeman 1 @

    Wild Country Ropeman 1

    Product Description "The original Ropeman has been a bestseller for over 10 years and is a benchmark mountain product. The Ropeman 1 has an alloy cam that keeps weight down. It is easy to place on ropes with a simple action to open the sprung...

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  • Wild Country Ropeman 2 @

    Wild Country Ropeman 2

    Built with a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 works with a wide range of rope diameters and has become ‘standard issue’ for many mountaineering and crag activities. Recent upgrades include forged sideplates, making the product lighter and...

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  • Metolius Cam Lube

    Metolius Cam Lube

    Our patented, wax formula gives your cams ultra-smooth performance, and seals out dirt and moisture. It goes on wet, and sets up dry. Self-cleaning action reduces wear by shedding dirt. Specifications: 60 ml (2 fl. oz.)

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  • Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

    Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

    A radical update makes the Wildcountry Pro-Key more adaptable and easier to use. It now comes with a precision ground tip which allows access to the smallest slots, as well as a wire gate to allow direct clipping to your harness. Add to this a one...

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  • Metolius Torque Nut Tool

    Metolius Torque Nut Tool

    The ultimate big wall nut tool. Built-in wrenches fit all common bolt sizes. The unique curved design lets you get behind nuts to hook and pull and the tapered nose allows easy access to the tiniest nuts. Its hooked nose is perfect for cam trigger...

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