DMM Aero HMS Screwgate Biner

The Aero HMS has several features which raise it above the competition.


DMM Aero Offset D Screwgate

The classic entry level locker biner.

DMM Anka Descender

Heavy duty descender with good heat dissipation properties that's kind to your rope.

DMM Belay Master biner

Designed to prevent the biner from flip into a bad alignment and for cross loading to occur.


DMM Big Boa HMS Screwgate

This is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lockers – the ultimate rigging biner and one which is super strong and super tough.


DMM Bug belay device

This is a great all rounder a belay device.

DMM Cardiac Arrester

If you’re using fatter ropes, flip it one way for a smoother ride.


DMM Classic Rope Bag

Carries an 80m rope and a few extras, the full size tarp keeps your cord dirt free.


DMM Dragon Cam

Producing a single stem design with a dual axle.

DMM Figure 8 - Standard

A simple, classic, no frills design with a very affordable price tag.

DMM Flight Rope Bag

The Flight is a highly featured sport climbing crag sack, combining rope bag and rucksack.

DMM Klettersteig Locksafe

The largest offset D carabiner in the range.

DMM Peenut

Small flared placements can be dealt with very effectively with Peenuts.


DMM Phantom Screwgate

Travelling light is the modern way.

DMM Phantom Wire Gate

Pick up a rack of these beauties and prepare to be amazed.

DMM Pitcher Rope Bag

A lightweight, packable rope bag that is both easy to use and super versatile:

DMM Revolver Clipgate Biner

Versatile, lightweight and strong. The DMM Revolver is a useful addition to any rack.

DMM Sentinal HMS Biner

The distinctive shape of this stylish little biner really makes it stand out from the crowd.

DMM Torque Nut

Big nuts have come a long way since the days of the Hexcentric; gone are the clunky, heavy beasts of old.

DMM Traction Chalk Bag

A medium size bag for those quick dips.

DMM Wallnut

Wallnuts are a long established favorite across the world.