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  • Edelrid Ardor Fry Pan

    A large, high-grade aluminium frying pan with a non-stick coating. Features: Pots fit inside one another for compact pack size Space-saving folding handle Fits the Soloist...

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  • Edelrid Asteri Headlamp

    Particularly powerful and robust headlamp with a battery compartment at the back of the head and three brightness levels. Features: Protected against powerful jets of water from any angle...

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  • Edelrid Boa 9.8mm

    Edelrid Boa 9.8mm

    A lightweight sport climbing rope. Its Thermo Shield treatment and relatively narrow diameter makes it suitable for a wide range of activities. Features: Thermo Shield treatment for perfect...

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  • Edelrid Boa Gym 9.8mm x 40m

    Special gym rope with extremely abrasion-resistant polyester sheath. The ideal rope for intensive lead training in the gym. Features: Double braid sheath construction for an especially compact...

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  • Edelrid Bodhi Lantern

    The ultra-light Bodhi is a combination of rechargeable mini lantern and lamp. Ideal for night-time camping use. Features: 1 Power LED with 3 brightness levels and SOS strobe mode Battery:...

  • Edelrid Boulder Brush

    Type a description for this product here...The Edelrid Boulder Brush can get to almost any tough spots on a hold thanks to the double headed design and the extra stiff bristles are...

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  • Edelrid Bulletproof

    Edelrid Bulletproof

    Our extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set with steel insert in lower carabiner to prevent premature wear. Features: H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and...

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  • Edelrid Cometalite Headlamp

    The Cometalite is the go-to headlamp for all demanding outdoor activities, from mountaineering to trail running. Features: Battery indicator shows remaining battery power Adjustable light head...

  • Edelrid Drone Rope Bag

    Large, robust rope bag with shoulder straps for comfortable transport. Features: Sized to accommodate all ropes up to 80 m 4 tie-in points for better rope management Large tarp printed with...

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  • Edelrid Eagle Lite 9.5mm

    Edelrid Eagle Lite 9.5mm

    Our classic rope of the pro line in the second generation: lightweight, compact and perfect handling. By using state-of-the art yarns, we can reduce the diameter without compromising the technical...

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  • Edelrid Giga Jul

    The most versatile ever belay device. The Giga Jul is a standard and assisted braking tuber in one. The assisted braking function which supports the braking force can be activated or disabled by an...

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  • Edelrid Jul 2

    Edelrid Jul 2

    Innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. The optimized Mega Jul geometry ensures easy and secure belaying even with thicker ropes. Features: Body made of...

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  • Edelrid Kiro ST Stove

    Lightweight gas stove with compact pack size and fine adjustment. Features: For all standard screw gas cartridges Fine adjustment and optimal flame distribution for maximum efficiency Sturdy...

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  • Edelrid Madillo

    Edelrid Madillo

    The legendary stowable helmet. Shell sides slide into the top and the back folds in, reducing pack volume by 50%. Features: Side/front/back impact tested according to EN 12492 The first and only...

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  • Edelrid Magnum Twist Carabiner

    HMS carabiner with larger design. Ideal for stances, belaying and rappelling. Features: H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight Extra-large gate opening...

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  • Edelrid Mantle Crash Pad

    A versatile, fold-out crash pad with indestructible aluminium buckles. Features: Integrated EDELRID foot mat to clean your shoes on Both sides zip together either lengthwise (120 x 110 cm) or...

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  • Edelrid Mega Jul

    Edelrid Mega Jul

    Our most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability. Features: High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls Small eyelet for releasing unit...

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  • Edelrid Mirco Jul

    Edelrid Mirco Jul

    A compact, ultra-light belay and abseil device for half ropes and twin ropes. Features: High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls Small eyelet for releasing unit with a...

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  • Edelrid Novalite Headlamp

    This small and extremely lightweight headlamp should be an essential item in every rucksack. Super bright, despite its minimal weight. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities...

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  • Edelrid OHM

    Edelrid OHM

    Assisted-braking resistor to increase rope friction when there is a large weight difference between belayer and lead climber. In the event of a fall, the OHM increases the amount of rope friction so...

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  • Edelrid Pentalite II Headlamp

    Small compact headlamp for camping, cooking or reading. Features: 5 Eco LEDs with 2 brightness levels and strobe mode for optimal close range vision; designed for long burn time Detachable light...

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  • Edelrid Rope Tooth Knife

    High-quality stainless steel knife. Features: Large swivel hole for attaching to harness or backpack with carabiner Sharp, locking blade (partly serrated) Specifications: Weight: 48...

  • Edelrid Salathe

    Edelrid Salathe

    Ultra-light, well-ventilated climbing helmet with a hybrid design. The combination of a foam-injected EPP core and a partial ABS hard shell enables both optimum safety and a minimum weight. The ideal...

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  • Edelrid Slash Wire Quickdraw

    Robust quickdraw set with wire gate on lower carabiner. Excellent price/performance ratio. Features: Wire gate on lower carabiner reduces the whiplash effect on gate in the event of a...

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  • Edelrid Spring Bag

    Spacious foldable bag to hold a throw line and other equipment. Features: 2 inner compartments for storing the throw line Interior loops for organizing small equipment Pack sack...

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  • Edelrid Stormy Evo Gas Stove

    Edelrid Stormy Evo Gas Stove

    The legendary expedition stove for cooking in the harshest conditions. Features: Suspension attachment for safe and reliable operation in hanging bivouacs Piezo ignition 1.8 l aluminium pot...

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  • Edelrid Vegalite Headlamp

    Highly powerful headlamp for demanding activities in the dark. Thanks to integrated sensors, the headlamp automatically adjusts the luminosity to the ambient light. The luminosity can also be...

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  • Edelrid Zodiac Lite

    Edelrid Zodiac Lite

    Lightweight, hybrid helmet with a robust webbing closure system. Ideal for climbing, mountaineering and via ferratas. Features: Side/front/back impact tested according to EN 12492 Fully...

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