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  • Edelrid Ardor Fry Pan

    A large, high-grade aluminium frying pan with a non-stick coating. Features: Pots fit inside one another for compact pack size Space-saving folding handle Fits the Soloist...

  • Edelrid Asteri Headlamp

    Particularly powerful and robust headlamp with a battery compartment at the back of the head and three brightness levels. Features: Protected against powerful jets of water from any angle...

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  • Edelrid Boa 9.8mm

    Edelrid Boa 9.8mm

    A lightweight sport climbing rope. Its Thermo Shield treatment and relatively narrow diameter makes it suitable for a wide range of activities. Features: Thermo Shield treatment for perfect...

  • Edelrid Boa Gym 9.8mm x 40m

    Special gym rope with extremely abrasion-resistant polyester sheath. The ideal rope for intensive lead training in the gym. Features: Double braid sheath construction for an especially compact...

  • Edelrid Bodhi Lantern

    The ultra-light Bodhi is a combination of rechargeable mini lantern and lamp. Ideal for night-time camping use. Features: 1 Power LED with 3 brightness levels and SOS strobe mode Battery:...

  • Edelrid Boulder Brush

    Type a description for this product here...The Edelrid Boulder Brush can get to almost any tough spots on a hold thanks to the double headed design and the extra stiff bristles are...

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  • Edelrid Caddy II Rope Bag @http//

    Edelrid Caddy II Rope Bag

    The Edelrid Caddy II minimises the amount of contact your rope makes with the ground. The rope sits in a deep pocket at all times, which is large enough for an 80 m rope, whilst the large tarp...

  • Edelrid Cometalite Headlamp

    The Cometalite is the go-to headlamp for all demanding outdoor activities, from mountaineering to trail running. Features: Battery indicator shows remaining battery power Adjustable light head...

  • Edelrid Drone Rope Bag

    The Edelrid Drone is a tough and lightweight rope bag; this makes it ideal for missions to the local crag or gym. The Drone comes with a large rope tarp that offers plenty of room for flaking your...

  • Edelrid Eagle Lite 9.5mm @ Edelrid Eagle Lite 9.5mm @

    Edelrid Eagle Lite 9.5mm

    Our classic rope of the pro line in the second generation: lightweight, compact and perfect handling. By using state-of-the art yarns, we can reduce the diameter without compromising the technical...

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  • Edelrid Giga Jul

    The most versatile ever belay device. The Giga Jul is a standard and assisted braking tuber in one. The assisted braking function which supports the braking force can be activated or disabled by an...

  • Edelrid Jul 2

    Edelrid Jul 2

    Innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. The optimized Mega Jul geometry ensures easy and secure belaying even with thicker ropes. Features: Body made of...

  • Edelrid Kanikaze Pants Mens @ Edelrid Kanikaze Pants Mens @

    Edelrid Kamikaze Pants Men's

    The legendary Kamikaze pants with a new mix of organic cotton, Tencel and elastane—for maximum freedom of movement to master difficult climbing projects. Features: The ribbed insert on the...

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  • Edelrid Kiro ST Stove

    Lightweight gas stove with compact pack size and fine adjustment. Features: For all standard screw gas cartridges Fine adjustment and optimal flame distribution for maximum efficiency Sturdy...

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  • Edelrid Lite Bag 30L @

    Edelrid Lite Bag 30L

    The Edelrid Lite Bag 30L Is An ultra-light canyoning pack with adjustable shoulder straps and minimal pack size. Ideal for transporting rental equipment. Features: Rivets in base allow water to...

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  • Edelrid Madillo

    Edelrid Madillo

    The legendary stowable helmet. Shell sides slide into the top and the back folds in, reducing pack volume by 50%. Features: Side/front/back impact tested according to EN 12492 The first and only...

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  • Edelrid Magnum Twist Carabiner

    HMS carabiner with larger design. Ideal for stances, belaying and rappelling. Features: H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight Extra-large gate opening...

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  • Edelrid Mantle Crash Pad

    A versatile, fold-out crash pad with indestructible aluminium buckles. Features: Integrated EDELRID foot mat to clean your shoes on Both sides zip together either lengthwise (120 x 110 cm) or...

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  • Edelrid Mega Jul

    Edelrid Mega Jul

    Our most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability. Features: High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls Small eyelet for releasing unit...

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  • Edelrid Micro 3 @

    Edelrid Mirco 3 Assorted

    Small KEY RING carabiner with wire gate used for carrying smalls eg. water bottle, shoes, chalk bag. Not to be used for climbing. No PPE. Features: Small gear carabiner with wire gate Not to...

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  • Edelrid Mirco Jul

    Edelrid Mirco Jul

    A compact, ultra-light belay and abseil device for half ropes and twin ropes. Features: High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls Small eyelet for releasing unit with a...

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  • Edelrid Novalite Headlamp

    This small and extremely lightweight headlamp should be an essential item in every rucksack. Super bright, despite its minimal weight. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities...

  • Edelrid OHM

    Edelrid OHM

    Assisted-braking resistor to increase rope friction when there is a large weight difference between belayer and lead climber. In the event of a fall, the OHM increases the amount of rope friction so...

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  • Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 70m @

    Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 70m

    The Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm is a robust, all-round rope with an ecological footprint. Produced of high-quality yarns left over from our production. Its handling and strength are identical to our other...

  • Edelrid Pentalite II Headlamp

    Small compact headlamp for camping, cooking or reading. Features: 5 Eco LEDs with 2 brightness levels and strobe mode for optimal close range vision; designed for long burn time Detachable light...

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  • Edelrid Python 10mm

    Edelrid Python 10mm

    The Edelrid Python 10mm rope is a classic, high-quality entry-level rope for SPORTS CLIMBING. Features: Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling 3D lap coiling enables instant use...

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  • Edelrid Rope Tooth Knife

    High-quality stainless steel knife. Features: Large swivel hole for attaching to harness or backpack with carabiner Sharp, locking blade (partly serrated) Specifications: Weight: 48...

  • Edelrid Slash Quickdraw 10cm @ Edelrid Slash Quickdraw 18cm @

    Edelrid Slash Quickdraw

    The Edelrid Slash Quickdraw is robust quickdraw with keylock closure and excellent price/performance ratio, Prefect for your sport climbing missions! Features: Two robust carabiners with Keylock...

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  • Edelrid Slash Wire Quickdraw

    Robust quickdraw set with wire gate on lower carabiner. Excellent price/performance ratio. Features: Wire gate on lower carabiner reduces the whiplash effect on gate in the event of a...

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  • Edelrid Spring Back Rope Bag @

    Edelrid Spring Back Bag Green

    The Edelrid Spring Back Rope Bag is a lightweight, Spacious, foldable bag to hold a throw line and other equipment or use it to transport your rope and gear to and from your local climbing gym...

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  • Edelrid Spring Back Bag Orange

    Do you need an efficient gym rope bag? Then look no further. The Edelrid Spring rope bag is a lightweight rope bag with a simplistic design. The Spring folds up into a small pack sack. You can belay...

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