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Self Rescue Gear (Hiking)

  • Coghlan's Flint Striker @

    Coghlan's Flint Striker

    The Coghlan's Flint Striker Is a great compact tool to carry on any hiking or camping trip Features: Last for thousand of strikes Pushing the striker provided down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles Fireproof in solid form, the tool works...

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  • Coghlan's Lightsitcks Red @

    Coghlan's Lightsitcks Red

    The Coghlan's Lightsticks are a safe and reliable light for all conditions. This chemi-luminescent technology is available in several colors which allows Lightsticks to be used as warning lights, marker lights, signal lights, dive lights or safety lights...

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  • Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho @ Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho @

    Coghlan's Lightweight Poncho

    The Coghlan's lightweight waterproof poncho includes an attached hood with PVC snap button closures on sides.  This rain poncho is made from vinyl material with electronically welded seams. Features: Waterproof One size fits all

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  • Coghlans Emergency Blanket

    Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Also known as a survival blanket, space blanket, first aid blanket, thermal blanket or all weather blanket. The Coghlan’s emergency blanket is essential...

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  • Coghlans Storm Matches - 25pk @http//

    Coghlans Storm Matches - 25pk

    These waterproof and windproof matches burn even while wet! The matches are developed specifically for the UK Ministry of Defense and are NATO approved. Designed to light in all extremes of weather, the match can withstand immersion in water and cannot...

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  • DMM Figure 8

    A simple, classic, no frills design with a very affordable price tag. Features: Classic abseil device Budget price Anodised for corrosion resistance Combination of alloy and heat treatment make the Figure 8...

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  • Flashed Screwgate Carabiner

    An incredibly well priced offset D screwgate carabiner. Specifications: Major axis strength: 25KN Minor axis strength: 7KN Open gate strength: 7KN Certification(s): Carabiners CE 1019 Weight: 91.00g    

  • Gear Aid Tenacious Tape @http// Gear Aid Tenacious Tape @http//

    Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

    Reach for Tenacious Tape whenever a tear or rip happens. Quickly fix tents, ski pants or puffy coats with this strong, weatherproof tape that comes as a clear strip or roll and a variety of colors. Backed by an ultra-aggressive adhesive, it won’t...

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  • Goal Zero Flip 10

    Goal Zero Flip 10

    Stylish and strong, the Flip 10 is ideal for keeping phones and small devices charged up and ready to go. NOTE: Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8. Features: Precharged Backup Battery for Your Phone: Small and portable, 2,600mAh with 1A...

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  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

    Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

    Re-engineered to be lighter and smarter, the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel has the innovative technology to charge USB devices directly from the sun. Features: Smart Charging for Phones: The Nomad 7 Plus features an auto restart that’s smarter...

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  • Life Systems Trek First Aid Kit @http//

    Life Systems Trek First Aid Kit

    Recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Trek first aid kit is the perfect size for many daily outdoor activities and is great for dealing with small accidents. The kit provides essential first aid items for treating cuts, grazes,...

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  • Lifestraw - Personal Straw @http// Lifestraw - Personal Straw @http//

    Lifestraw - Personal Straw

    The original ultralight backpack and travel-friendly “straw” filter, the LifeStraw makes contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria and parasites, preventing the majority of waterborne disease. Use it to drink directly from streams...

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  • Lifesystems - Heatshield Bag - @mountainmailorder

    Lifesystems - Heatshield Bag

    The light and dry thermal bivi bag is a lightweight reusable bag that provides total body coverage. It reflects and retains over 90% of radiated body heat. Ideal for endurance racers or outdoor enthusiasts alike.  Features: Strong,...

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  • Lifesystems - Heatshield Blanket - @mountainmailorder

    Lifesystems - Heatshield Blanket Single

    A reusable and lightweight thermal blanket for one or two people that reflects and retains 90% of radiated body heat and reduces windchill. Highly visible and radar reflective for search and rescue teams, this flexible and compact strong blanket is also...

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  • Lifesystems - Hurricane Whistle @mountainmailorder

    Lifesystems - Hurricane Whistle

    One of the loudest whistles available, the Hurricane performs in all weather conditions even when it gets extremely wet. When blown the chamber design ejects water and creates a unique tri-tone sound which can be heard in all directions and further away...

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  • Lifeventure Tritan Water Bottle

    A tough-nut Tritan water bottle which doesn’t keep hold of tastes or odours. You can depend on the watertight design and impact resistant material to stay strong in the toughest conditions. Travel Tip: This water bottle has been tried and...

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  • Mammut Sphere Bivi @

    Mammut Sphere Bivi

    The Sphere Bivi is an uncompromising and very lightweight bivouac bag that should be an essential piece of equipment on any tour. It is equipped with rope openings, a drawstring and an integrated stuff bag. The upper part consists out of a breathable...

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  • Petzl Actik 350 Headlamp

    Petzl Actik 350 Headlamp

    Compact multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities. The ACTIK headlamp offers 350 lumen brightness. Featuring a mixed beam, it is ideal for outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. Red...

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  • Petzl Actik Core 450 Headlamp Petzl Actik Core 450 Headlamp

    Petzl Actik Core 450 Headlamp

    Rechargeable, compact multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities. 450 lumens The rechargeable ACTIK CORE headlamp offers 450 lumens of power, which, along with its multi-beam design, makes it ideal for dynamic outdoor...

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  • Petzl Tikka 300 Lumen Headlamp @ Petzl Tikka 300 Lumen Headlamp Blue @

    Petzl Tikka 300 Lumen Headlamp

    Compact headlamp for proximity lighting and some movement. 300 lumens Simple and compact, the TIKKA headlamp offers 300 lumen brightness and a flood beam for proximity lighting and some movement. It is useful for outdoor activities such as camping,...

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  • Sawyer Mini Filter

    Our lightest and most versatile personal water filtration system, the Sawyer MINI weighs just 2 ounces, fits in the palm of your hand, and provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration — removing 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera...

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  • Spot Gen 3 Satelite GPS

    Spot Gen 3 Satelite GPS

    SPOT Gen3 is an enhanced tracking service, ideal when your travels go beyond cell phone services range. This lightweight, pocket-size device uses satellite technology to let your contacts know you are safe or sends emergency responders to you GPS...

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  • Spot Trace Satellite GPS

    Spot Trace Satellite GPS

    The SPOT Trace offers advanced theft-alert tracking for anything. Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move anywhere, or follow them on Google Maps anytime on your phone or computer.Affordable and easy to use, SPOT Trace is a...

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  • Spot X Satellite GPS

    Spot X Satellite GPS

    Grab the Spot X 2 Way-Satellite Messenger and stay connected to family and friends from almost anywhere on the globe - even outside of cellular coverage! Exchange text messages, emails and more from wherever your adventures take you. The SPOT X features...

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  • SteriPEN FitsAll Filter

    SteriPEN FitsAll Filter

    The SteriPEN FitsAll Filter effectively removes particulates from water with the use of a durable 40×40 micron screen. Its unique design, featuring the filter cup and funnel fit, offers flexibility to filter water into bottles with a wide range of...

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  • SteriPEN Pre-Filter

    SteriPEN Pre-Filter

    The SteriPEN Pre-Filter removes debris from water so the UV light can effectively destroy the microorganisms in it. Forms water tight seal with SteriPEN Classic 3, SteriPEN Ultra or SteriPEN Aqua. Specifications: Size: 1.85...

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  • Vango Storm Shelter 400 @

    Vango Storm Shelter 400

    This is an essential piece of equipment for anyone spending time on the hills. Enjoy lunch in a warm dry area on a rainy day to invigorate you for the afternoon. In more extreme situations be reassured that the bright colour and reflective tape on...

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  • Wild Country Ascent Lite Carabiner

    A concise version of the Ascent keeps the same clean line to produce a compact biner. Shaving weight while maintaining rigidity this concise version of the Ascent keeps the same clean aesthetics to produce a lithe and compact biner. Shaped to maximize...

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