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  • Flashed Boulder Bucket

    Large boulder bag holds an impressive volume of chalk. Deep, with wide entry for easy access, this boulder bucket is well built and stands proudly, making it less likely to fall and spill. Two...

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  • Flashed Dyneema Slings Flashed Dyneema Slings

    Flashed Dyneema Slings

    FLASHED DYNEEMA 120CM SLING Width in mm: 10mm Length: 120cm Weight: 39.5g Colour: Green Breaking strength: 22KN Certification (s): CE0321 EN566  FLASHED DYNEEMA 60CM SLING Width in...

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  • Flashed Screwgate Carabiner

    An incredibly well priced offset D screwgate carabiner. Specifications: Major axis strength: 25KN Minor axis strength: 7KN Open gate strength: 7KN Certification(s): Carabiners CE 1019 Weight:...

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  • Flashed Wire Gate Quickdraw

    With a dyneema sling, this wire draw is your first choice for long days out on the mountain and light and strong enough for redpoints and onsights. Specifications: Major axis strength:...

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