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  • La Sportiva Futura 2019 La Sportiva Futura 2019

    La Sportiva Futura 2019

    The Futura model belongs to the innovative “No-Edge” generation. The No-edge concept eliminates the traditional “edges” of the sole. This allows the foot to come into closer contact with the rock surface, thus enhancing foot...

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  • La Sportiva Skwama La Sportiva Skwama

    La Sportiva Skwama

    Sensitive, snug fitting, flexible climbing shoe ideal for top performance both on rock walls and in the gym, designed for use on overhangs and slabs. Like the scales of a snake, Skwama is the super sensitive, all embracing climbing shoe, capable of...

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  • La Sportiva TC Pro

    La Sportiva TC Pro

    Recommended for: climbing shoe designed for use on long mountain routes and cracks.A climbing shoe devised for long mountain routes and cracks: its technical features make this model an complete newcomer to the market! TC Pro guarantees maximum comfort...

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