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These shoes have very down turned toes and lots of heel tension to put your feet in a strong and powerful position for challenging overhanging climbs. Most aggressive shoes have an asymmetric shape that curves toward the big toe, focusing power over the toe for precise placements on small holds.

  • Evolv Agro Evolv Agro

    Evolv Agro

    The ultimate high end bouldering shoe. With the sensitivity of a tensioned thin rubber midsole and maximum toe rubber coverage, the Agro has everything you'll need to send your next project. Newly developed TPS (Tension Power System) technology pulls the...

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  • La Sportiva Futura 2019 La Sportiva Futura 2019

    La Sportiva Futura 2019

    The Futura model belongs to the innovative “No-Edge” generation. The No-edge concept eliminates the traditional “edges” of the sole. This allows the foot to come into closer contact with the rock surface, thus enhancing foot...

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  • La Sportiva Miura Men's 2019 La Sportiva Miura Men's 2019

    La Sportiva Miura Men's 2019

    Distinguishing features: precise, firm and structured. No compromise in the search for performance. The Miura holds the ultimate 'all-around' solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, precision on edges and...

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  • Evolv Shakra Evolv Shakra

    Evolv Shakra

    The Shakra utilizes the same technology (love bump, knuckle box) as the highly successful Shaman in a lower volume and narrower fitting upper design. An amazing fit, a dual hook and loop closure system, and side-pressure relief rand design, make it an...

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  • Ocun Ozone Lady Climbing Shoe @http// Ocun Ozone Lady Climbing Shoe @http//

    Ocun Ozone Lady

    Female model of our high-performance climbing shoe with the unique 3-Force System design. With a narrower cut and shallower heel, the Ozone Lady is guaranteed to fit more slender female feet perfectly. The high torsion stability of the patented...

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  • La Sportiva Miura VS La Sportiva Miura VS

    La Sportiva Miura VS

    Distinguishing features: aggressive. The velcro shoe that everyone was waiting for. Velcro lace up version of the Miura model, enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. It keeps the lace up model’s exceptional characteristics,...

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  • La Sportiva Miura Men's

    La Sportiva Miura Men's

    A high performance shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance. In the line for over 10 years, the Miura is the perfect tool for performance footwork whether it be on slabs, vertical or overhanging steep rock. Ideal terrain for...

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  • Evolv Shaman Evolv Shaman

    Evolv Shaman

    ULTRA PERFORMANCE Building off the legacy of the original, the newly redesigned Shaman is the anchor of the Chris Sharma Signature Series. The new Shaman has an improved fit in terms of engineered comfort and performance with more toe...

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