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Bottles and Hydration

  • GSI Fresco Water Bottle 1L @

    GSI Fresco Water Bottle 1.1L

    This is the ideal large volume water bottle to take on all of your backcountry adventures. Single wall premium stainless steel ensures that your water is kept protected when jostled in your backpack.   Features:   Durable 304, 18/8...

  • Lifeventure Tritan Water Bottle

    A tough-nut Tritan water bottle which doesn’t keep hold of tastes or odours. You can depend on the watertight design and impact resistant material to stay strong in the toughest conditions. Travel Tip: This water bottle has been tried and...

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  • Osprey Bite Valve  @

    Osprey Hydraulics Bite Valve

    Osprey’s Hydraulics® Bite Valve provides a high-quality replacement for your old, neglected and beat up bite valve. The bombproof ¼ twist shut-off design guarantees you won’t experience any unpleasant wet surprises.

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  • Osprey Hose Magnet Kit  @

    Osprey HYDRAULICS® Hose Magnet Kit

    Osprey’s Hose Magnet Kit allows you to secure non-magnetized hydration systems to the sternum strap on your pack. Improve the efficiency of your on-the-fly hydration delivery by upgrading to a combination magnetic sternum bite valve and strap...

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    Osprey HYDRAULICS® Silicone Nozzle 3 Pack

    Replacing old bite valve sheaths helps maintain a sanitary hydration system. Osprey’s Bite Valve Sheaths provide a soft surface for your chompers to sink into when you’re hydrating on the fly. Also perfect for those who can’t help...

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  • Platypus Hyperflow Bite Valve @http//

    Platypus Hyperflow Bite Valve

    The HyperFlow™ bite valve is made of a soft, medical-grade silicone that stands up to years of use. It features a fast flow rate and is completely drip free. The HyperFlow™ bite valve is compatible with all Platy hoses and shutoff valves...

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