Beal Aero Team IV

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Beal Aero Team IV
Price: R765
Product Code: BEA527
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  • Very lightweight harness designed for outdoor centres, young people and hill/glacier travel. Both comfortable and easy to fit with additional features to help its identification and logging.


    Strong Points:

  • Comfort padding around waist and legs
  •  Wear indicator around tie in loop
  •  Rigid webbing connects both leg loops to simplify fitting
  •  Rear elastic webbing is replaceable using a spare parts kit
  •  Unique serial number + personalisable window improves traceability
  •  Covers all sizes, from XS to XL

Uses :

  • Group use and kid’s harness

Although the adjustment range of the Aero Team can accomodate large people, the lightweight design of the harness means that they will find it uncomfortable for sitting in or sustaining a fall. It is thus better for those with a fuller figure to use a harness more adapted to their morphology, such as the Aero Classic.


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