Wild Country Women's Vision Ziplock Harness

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Wild Country Women's Vision Ziplock Harness
Price: R770
Product Code: WILO27
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A neat, sharp, revamped model our women's rig completes the Vision range - cool and clean, with a brighter, lighter colourway this Vision is set to continue to be a popular choice as a cross season all rounder that women fit really well. A true women’s harness it’s built to deliver a flexible and feature packed performance and it has the strength and safety features of all the Visions and is a real cross season choice for those pushing it.

Like its close relative, the Elite women's, this re-styling is not simply cosmetic, and essential design changes make this a different fit to the other models, and tune it especially well for women.A longer rise and re-tuned leg to waist ratio give this harness a better chance of fitting more women well - as our long hours of trials at various crags testify... Flexibility is often the key to fit and so new Ziplock adjustable leg loops combine with subtle alterations on the shaping and sizing of the waist to make a comfortable, flexible package.

Add to this a host of neat safety stuff and classic, clever Wild Country add ons and this is a light and stylish model that looks great, climbs great, and comes with all the features needed to make the best days out even better. So with super clean lines and a true female fit this is a smooth, stylish model that features Ziplock buckles on waist and legs to make it a perfect all rounder.


Ziplock buckle waist, Ziplock buckle legs, ‘Batwing’ belt shaping, 25kN Belay loop, Wear indicator, 4 Gear loops, (XS-2),  Drop seat, Mesh bag.

Product Size Waist inches/cm Leg inches/cm Weight g/oz Colour
Vision wmns XS 25-30.5" /63-77cm 18.5-22"/47-56cm 427 / 15 Lime/Silver
Vision wmns S 27-33.5"/69-85cm 20-23.5"/51-60cm 447 / 16 Lime/Silver
Vision wmns M 30.5-37.5"/77-95cm 25-28.5"/63-73cm 467 / 16.5 Lime/Silver
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