Wild Country Ropeman MarkII

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Wild Country Ropeman MarkII
Price: R1000
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Now reworked with forged sideplates the Ropeman 2 is neater in the hand, a touch lighter and with better internal radii it has a smoother function across a broader range of karabiners.

The Ropeman Mk2 was the successor to the Mk1 and was designed with stainless steel cam that allows use on ropes down to 8mm. The stainless cam allows a more complex (and more aggressive looking) but ultimately more rope friendly design, which gives bite on thinner cords that the Ropeman 1 doesn't have. This meant for many of the Alpine activities that people were using the Ropeman 1, the Ropeman 2 was a much safer alternative and with the pair of them available customers had a choice.

Thus the bottom line and the most reliable piece of safety advice is to follow the simple rule that the Ropeman Mk1 is for single ropes only while the Ropeman Mk2 will cover both half ropes and single ropes. Please make sure if you are purchasing a Ropeman Mk1 or Mk2 that you fully read the instructions and make sure that the use suits the device you have bought. And please remember if you are ‘adapting’ it for other uses that may not be fully recommended you are fully aware of the risks inherent for you or your partner.


Stainless cam 174ph, Rope diameter  8-13mm. 3 Sigma rated, CE EN567, UIAA 126. New set available with Synergy Keylock Screwgate.


New Ropeman Mk1 62g / 2.19oz 10-13mm 15kN Blue / Gold EN 567
New Ropeman Mk2 92g / 3.25oz 8-13mm 15kN Black / Orange EN 567
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