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La Sportiva

  • La Sportiva Miura Men's

    La Sportiva Miura Men's

    A high performance shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance. In the line for over 10 years, the Miura is the perfect tool for performance footwork whether it be on slabs, vertical or...

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  • La Sportiva Miura VS La Sportiva Miura VS

    La Sportiva Miura VS

    Distinguishing features: aggressive. The velcro shoe that everyone was waiting for. Velcro lace up version of the Miura model, enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. It keeps the...

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  • La Sportiva Mythos

    La Sportiva Mythos

    Distinguishing features: a true extension of your feet. Mythical. Perfect synthesis of technology, comfort and performance. It is the most versatile model of the entire range, because it is...

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  • La Sportiva Tarantula

    La Sportiva Tarantula

    An excellent all-around climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure system for entry level climbers. This comfortable shoe is easy to use and easy to get on and off in a flash. The unlined...

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  • La Sportiva TX2 Women's La Sportiva TX2 Women's

    La Sportiva TX2 Women's

    A lightweight, fast-draining,  approach shoe with great support and a sticky sole. Features: One piece (seamless) polyester knit upper for amazing breathability, drainage, and comfort...

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