Metolius 57g Chalk Block

It is the original chalk specifically formulated for rock climbing.


Metolius Boss Hog Boulder Pad

Innovative new foam layering system provides the ultimate in fall-stopping potential.


Metolius Bravo Long Draw

Long quickdraws perfect for routes that wander or have roofs.

Metolius Campus Rungs

Custom tooled, wooden rungs that are unsurpassed for feel and consistency.

Metolius Contact Hangboard

Our most deluxe training board with an amazing variety of holds and ergonomic, variable-width pinches.

Metolius ECO Chalk Ball

A highly absorbent and eco-friendly alternative to chalk that leaves no trace on the rock.

Metolius Element Locking Carabiner

With a compact, pear-shaped design, and a 12mm (0.47") rope-bearing surface, this is a workhorse belay/rappel carabiner.


Metolius Feather Nut Tool

The best choice for multi-pitch trad climbing.

Metolius Fine Grind Chalk 4oz (113g)

Powdered chalk with a finer consistency than Super Chalk.


Metolius Finger Tape

100% cotton athletic tape, super sticky formula. Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions.


Metolius GripSaver Plus

Designed by a doctor to strengthen and balance the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm.

Metolius Magnum Boulder Pad

A massive 1.2 m x 1.8 m, in an easy-carrying, tri-fold design.

Metolius Recon Boulder Pad

More landing area than standard-sized pads but  4" (100 mm) narrower when folded.

Metolius Simulator Hangboard

The latest generation of the #1 selling training board in the world!

Metolius Super Chalk

The #1 selling brand of climbing chalk in America!

Metolius Torque Nut Tool

The ultimate big wall nut tool.

Metolius Ultralight Master Cam

A flexible, single-stem unit with an optimized cam angle for increased holding power.

Metolius Wooden Hangboard

We offer our Wood Grips training board in a Deluxe version and a Compact version.