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  • Beal Antidote 10.2mm per meter

    Features: Handling and compactness. Easy to handle when belaying. High abrasion resistance. Usage: Classic rock climbing. Versatile cragging rope with a larger diameter to promote handling when belaying and increased abrasion resistance...

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  • Beal Antipode Static per/m

    Beal Antipode Static per/m

    10mm Rope Very tough, this is the established standard rope for work at height. Specifications: Type: A Breaking load: 3000daN (Kg) Strength with sewn ends: 2400daN (kg) % of the sheath: 38% Weight per meter: 65g 9mm Rope Semi-Static...

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  • Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain

    Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain

    A durable clip-in for big wall efficiency. Features: Bottom loop is sewn with a half twist for clean girth hitching Available in two lengths Sold in assorted colors Specifications: Weight :  98 g (3.5 oz)  

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  • DMM Buddy

    DMM Buddy

    A hands-free trailing fall arrest device. The Buddy 100 is a hands-free trailing fall arrest device that will follow you up and down the rope with minimum user-intervention. Minimalist design and manufacturing of components makes inspection and...

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  • Fischer Chemical Mortar FIS V 360 S

    Styrene free, quick curing high performance hybrid mortar that contains vinylester resin and cement. Resin and cement as well as water and hardener are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until pushed through the static...

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  • Fischer Express Anchor 10mm x 90mm FBN

    Fischer Express Anchor 10mm x 90mm FBN

    - Item sold individually - Anchor bolt for push-through and pre-positioned installation. When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and expands it against the drill hole wall. Stainless steel version of the...

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  • Petzl Asap device

    Petzl Asap device

    Mobile fall-arrest device for rope. With its unique locking system, the ASAP is a reference product in fall protection for workers at height. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and accompanies...

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  • Petzl ASAP Lock

    Petzl ASAP Lock

    Mobile fall arrester with locking function The ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester is designed to facilitate handling during rope ascents. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and follows the user in all...

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  • Petzl Ascension Work Petzl Ascension Work

    Petzl Ascension Work

    Ergonomic handled ascender. Handled rope clamp for rope ascents, the ASCENSION features an overmolded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling with one or two hands. The ASCENSION handled rope clamp has a wide...

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  • Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness @ Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness @

    Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness

    Comfortable harness for fall arrest, work positioning and suspension. The AVAO BOD FAST fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent...

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  • Petzl Avao Sit Harness Petzl Avao Sit Harness

    Petzl Avao Sit Harness

    Comfortable seat harness for work positioning and suspension.  The AVAO SIT work positioning and suspension seat harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. Its...

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  • Petzl Basic

    Compact, versatile rope clamp. Designed for rescue professionals, the BASIC rope clamp is very compact, making it easy to grip. The wide lower hole allows lanyard and foot loop carabiners to be easily connected. Features Compact rope clamp for...

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  • Petzl COEUR 10mm Hanger STAINLESS 316L

    High quality stainless steel bolt hanger for typical exterior uses. Features: 316L stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion in typical exterior environments Easy clipping:- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates...

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  • Petzl COEUR 10mm Hanger STEEL

    Standard steel hanger for interior uses or non-permanent installations. Features: Economical choice for low-corrosion environments Easy clipping:- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates carabiner clipping.- the width of the hole...

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  • Petzl Cordex Gloves

    Petzl Cordex Gloves

    Lightweight belay/rappel gloves These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a thinner glove. Double-layered leather protects the palm and other high-wear areas. The back is made...

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  • Petzl Croll

    Chest ascender. Designed for rope access and rescue professionals, the CROLL chest rope clamp is very compact and lightweight. The rope channel is reinforced with stainless steel for greater durability. Features: Compact, lightweight chest...

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  • Petzl Fixe Pulley

    Versatile, compact pulley for quick installation onto the rope. The Fixe pulley is lightweight, compact, and quick to install on the rope. It offers a good balance between weight and strength. Features: Lightweight, compact pulley Designed for...

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  • Petzl ID

    Petzl ID

    Self-braking descender for rescue, with anti-panic function. Self-braking descender with anti-panic function, with multi-function handle that allows descent control, easier movement on inclined or horizontal terrain and positioning at the work...

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  • Petzl Jane

    Non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard. Non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard combines with an ABSORBICA energy absorber to create an I or Y energy-absorbing lanyard that helps hold the connector in position, with abrasion protection for the ends...

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  • Petzl Maillon Delta Steel

    Petzl Maillon Delta Steel

    Triangular steel quicklink. When closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring Available in diameter of 10 mm and 8 mm Specifications: Material(s): steel Certification(s): CE EN 362 type Q Diameter 10 mm 8 mm Color(s) gray...

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  • Petzl Micro Traxion Pulley

    Ultra-compact, high-efficiency progress capture pulley MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-compact, extremely light progress capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley...

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  • Petzl Minder Pulley

    High strength, very high efficiency Prusik pulley MINDER is a high-strength pulley designed for rescue professionals to set up progress capture systems. Features: Special side plates designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in...

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  • Petzl Mini Pulley

    Highly efficient and lightweight Prusik pulley The MINI compact pulley offers a lightweight solution for setting up progress capture systems. Features: Special side plates designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in lightweight progress...

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  • Petzl Mobile Pulley

    Versatile ultra-compact pulley. Compact and extremely lightweight, the MOBILE pulley is designed for a variety of uses. Features: Ultra compact, lightweight pulley Designed for hauling systems and deviations Sheave mounted on self-lubricating...

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  • Petzl Oscillante Pulley

    The OSCILLANTE weighs practically nothing and can be used in crevasse rescue systems or improvised hauling systems. Features: Quick and easy installation due to the swinging side plates Nylon sheave and aluminum side plates for excellent strength to...

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  • Petzl Oxan Triact-Lock @

    Petzl Oxan Triact-Lock

    High-strength oval carabiner OXAN is a high-strength steel carabiner designed for use in difficult environments. The oval, symmetrical shape allows optimal loading of the carabiner when setting up anchors or connecting to metal structures. It is...

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  • Petzl Pantin

    Petzl Pantin

    PANTIN is a foot ascender designed for more efficient and less tiring rope ascents, also available in left-foot version. Features: Facilitates rope ascents:- used to complement CROLL, ASCENSION or BASIC ascenders- keeps the body upright for...

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  • Petzl Partner Pulley

    The Partner pulley is compact and light, yet ensures excellent efficiency thanks to its aluminum sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings. Features: Extremely lightweight and ultra-compact pulley Quick and easy installation due to the swinging side...

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  • Petzl Paw

    Petzl Paw

    The PAW rigging plate is for organizing the work station and creating multi-anchor systems. Features: For easily organizing the work station and creating multi-anchor systems 19 mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass...

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  • Petzl Pro Traxion Pulley

    With its large diameter sheave and great efficiency, it is particularly appropriate for hauling heavy loads on big walls. The side plate locks when loaded and prevents opening of the pulley during use. Features: Loss-resistant pulley:- allows a...

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  • Petzl Rack @

    Petzl RACK

    This rack improves on the classic brake bar descender. The design and configuration of the bars makes it easy to set up and insert the rope. Compact and lightweight, the device allows the user to adjust the amount of friction during the descent to adapt...

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  • Petzl Rescucender

    Designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device Simple to use, and ergonomic:- openable cam allows installation or removal of the rope clamp at any point on the rope- independent safety catches on each side of the device allow...

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  • Petzl Rescue Pulley

    The Rescue pulley is very strong and efficient: ideal for rescue, hauling heavy loads and intensive use. Features: Designed to maneuver heavy loads or for intensive use Large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent...

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  • Petzl Rig

    RIG is a compact self-braking descender primarily designed for experienced rope access workers. It has a multi-function handle that allows control of the descent speed and positioning at a work station without the need to tie off the device. The safety...

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  • Petzl Ring Open

    Petzl Ring Open

    Multi-directional gated ring The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows installation of ropes with sewn...

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  • Petzl Shunt

    Used below the rappel device, the SHUNT works as a rappel back-up and replaces friction knots like the Prusik. Works on single and doubled ropes. Features: Easy to install on the rope Smooth clamping surfaces won’t damage rope May be used to...

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  • Petzl Stop

    One of the most popular devices for cave descents worldwide. It offers exceptional control and versatility; the self-braking function facilitates on-rope maneuvers. Features: Self-braking function allows you to easily stop and hold your position...

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  • Petzl Swivel

    Petzl Swivel

    Available in two sizes, the SWIVEL prevents the rope from twisting when the load is turning. Sealed ball bearings offer excellent performance and reliability. Features: Prevents the rope from twisting when the load is turning Excellent performance...

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  • Petzl Tandem Pulley

    The TANDEM is designed for smooth and efficient Tyrolean traverses on rope. Features: Sheaves mounted on self-lubricating bushings for good efficiency Maximum allowable speed: 10 m/s Attachment point accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate...

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  • Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley

    It is specifically designed for lower-angle Tyrolean traverses. Features: Stainless steel sheaves for excellent durability Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for sustained speed, independent of the weight of the person, temperature, or...

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  • Petzl Trac PLUS Pulley

    Double-row ball bearings of the TRAC PLUS pulley ensure longer life than classic bearings. The VERTIGO carabiner attached to the pulley makes the unit drop-proof, and thus simplifies maneuvers. The clip-on cover makes it easy to connect the TRAC PLUS to...

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  • Petzl Twin Pulley

    TWIN is a high-strength double pulley designed for rescue professionals. It is designed to set up progress capture systems of high mechanical advantage. Features: Special side plates designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in progress capture...

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  • Petzl Vertex Helmet

    Petzl Vertex Helmet

    Comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue. With its strong chinstrap, the VERTEX BEST helmet sets the standard in head protection for workers at height. Its unventilated shell protects against electrical hazards and molten metal splash...