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  • Petzl COEUR 10mm Hanger STAINLESS 316L

    High quality stainless steel bolt hanger for typical exterior uses. Features: 316L stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion in typical exterior environments Easy clipping:- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates...

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  • Petzl COEUR 10mm Hanger STEEL

    Standard steel hanger for interior uses or non-permanent installations. Features: Economical choice for low-corrosion environments Easy clipping:- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates carabiner clipping.- the width of the hole...

  • Petzl Progress Adjust  @http//

    Petzl Progress Adjust

    PROGRESS ADJUST-I is a single adjustable progression lanyard that allows, when combined with another lanyard, continuous connection for all types of progression (rope ascent, moving along a traverse line...). Thanks to the ADJUST rope adjuster, the...

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  •  Petzl Bandi Chalk Bag @

    Petzl Swivel Open

    The SWIVEL OPEN gated swivel features a wide opening and thus can be attached to a range of products (pulleys, lanyards...). It reduces the bulk and weight of component systems and solves the twisting and tangling problems of ropes and lanyards. Sealed...

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