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  • Fischer Chemical Mortar FIS V 360 S

    Styrene free, quick curing high performance hybrid mortar that contains vinylester resin and cement. Resin and cement as well as water and hardener are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until pushed through the static...

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  • Fischer Express Anchor 10mm x 90mm FBN

    Fischer Express Anchor 10mm x 90mm FBN

    - Item sold individually - Anchor bolt for push-through and pre-positioned installation. When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and expands it against the drill hole wall. Stainless steel version of the...

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  • Fischer SDS-PLUS Drill Bit

    The Fischer SDS-PLUS 10/100/160 and 12/100/160 is a great solution for drilling into hard rock for bolting routes and setting up abseil points. Features: Distinctive centre point One-piece cutting element made of solid carbide PGM...

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  • Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger 10mm @http//

    Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger 10mm

    The Fixe 1 PLX hanger is currently Fixe's most resistant hanger. With a resistance of 40 kN and a capacity for two carabiners, it has three dimples to prevent spinning under load and it is manufactured using 4mm thick PLX sheet. This hanger has...

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  • Fixe Steel Wire Dogbone Short @http//

    Fixe Steel Wire Dogbone Short

    For the assembling of the routes with permanent indoor and outdoor quickdraws, the FIXE 'Exprés cable' quickdraws are ideal. With a body of steel will resist for a long time on the wall, by supporting a lot of wear and tear such as corrosion...

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  • Hilti Wedge Anchor - 10 x 83mm

    Hilti Stud Anchor - 10 x 83mm

    Standard expansion anchor for uncracked concrete (SS316) Features ETA-approved torquing when used with an SIW 14-A or 22-A impact wrench and S-TB torque-controlled socket wrench  Faster and easier anchor setting with the HS-SC setting...

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  • Petzl COEUR 10mm Hanger STAINLESS 316L

    High quality stainless steel bolt hanger for typical exterior uses. Features: 316L stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion in typical exterior environments Easy clipping:- the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates...

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  • Petzl Paw

    Petzl Paw

    The PAW rigging plate is for organizing the work station and creating multi-anchor systems. Features: For easily organizing the work station and creating multi-anchor systems 19 mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass...

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  • Petzl Progress Adjust  @http//

    Petzl Progress Adjust

    PROGRESS ADJUST-I is a single adjustable progression lanyard that allows, when combined with another lanyard, continuous connection for all types of progression (rope ascent, moving along a traverse line...). Thanks to the ADJUST rope adjuster, the...

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  •  Petzl Bandi Chalk Bag @

    Petzl Swivel Open

    The SWIVEL OPEN gated swivel features a wide opening and thus can be attached to a range of products (pulleys, lanyards...). It reduces the bulk and weight of component systems and solves the twisting and tangling problems of ropes and lanyards. Sealed...

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  • Raumer Double-Ring Glue in Anchor @http//

    Raumer Double-Ring Glue in Anchor

    Glue-in anchor made of AISI 304 stainless steel to be installed with chemical resin. Equipped with one or two rings, having inner diameter 40 mm. Used in pairs, it allows a belay station to be created.    

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