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  • Rappel Hot-knife Rope Cutter @http//

    Rappel Hot-knife Rope Cutter

    This rope cutter heats up in seconds to cut through rope while sealing the ends.  The hot knife can also be used for cutting expanded and extruded foam, trimming, molding, webbing ropes, cords, ribbon, fiber board, cable conduit, thermoplastics etc...

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  • Beal Antidote 10.2mm per meter

    Beal Antidote 10.2mm per meter

    Features: Handling and compactness. Easy to handle when belaying. High abrasion resistance. Usage: Classic rock climbing. Versatile cragging rope with a larger diameter to promote handling when belaying and increased abrasion resistance...

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  • Beal Antipode Static per/m Beal Antipode Static per/m

    Beal Antipode Static per/m

    10mm Rope Very tough, this is the established standard rope for work at height. Specifications: Type: A Breaking load: 3000daN (Kg) Strength with sewn ends: 2400daN (kg) % of the sheath: 38% Weight per meter: 65g 9mm Rope Semi-Static...

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