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    Gibbon Slackrack Classic Line @http// Gibbon Slackrack Classic Line @http//

    Gibbon Slackrack Classic Line

    Renew or individualize your Slackrack with the SLACKRACK CLASSIC YELLOW BAND! Compatible with all GIBBON Slackracks including use with the Slackrack extension. Features weight: 670 g material: Polyester break load: 40kN width: 5 cm lenght:...

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    Gibbon Round Sling @http// Gibbon Round Sling @http//

    Gibbon Round Sling

    The GIBBON ROUND SLINGS are designed with a work load of 10 kN and a safety factor of 7. The high level safety factor enables diverse forms of usage for anchoring Slacklines. Available in 200 cm and 300 cm (length in total 4 & 6 m)...

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    Gibbon Steel A-Frame @http// Gibbon Steel A-Frame Packaging @http//

    Gibbon Steel A-Frame - Single

    The Slackframe is a new approach to designing a structure capable of withstanding any weather conditions and to allow setup on any type of ground.   The design creates a sturdy structure, which does not tip or fall over and also simplifi es the...

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  • Gibbon Ground Screw 70cm @http// Gibbon Ground Screw 70cm @http//

    Gibbon Ground Screw 70cm - Single

    The GIBBON GROUNDSCREWS offer the solution for providing an anchor when the right tree is missing in your  back garden! Fully screwed into the ground the GROUNDSCREWS enable Slacklining where otherwise you can only host a picknick...

  • Gibbon Wristband

    Gibbon Wristband

    Comfortable to wear and especially useful! Allows slackliners to perspire at any time! Features: 6,5 x 9cm Two in one pack 80% Cotton / 20% Spandex

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    Gibbon Tree Wear Gibbon Tree Wear - XL

    Gibbon Tree Wear - XL

    Simply practical and versatile in use. The GIBBON TREEWEAR is the ideal partner to protect the webbing and the tree  from wear and tear resulting from slacklining. Compatible to all GIBBON Slackline sets. Features: 2 x TREEWEAR velcro...

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