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  • Gibbon Flowline +Tree Wear Set

    Gibbon Flowline +Tree Wear Set

    The Gibbon Flowline is the perfect slackline for beginners and those wanting to get the feeling of a high line. This 1 inch line boasts double sided colors to help prevent twists and comes with two ratchets making tensioning longer setups a breeze...

  • Gibbon Independence Kit Classic

    Gibbon Independence Kit Classic

    The demand for self-supporting Slackline solutions is growing rapidly! The Independence Kit Classic is the next generation of free-standing slackline systems; anchored to the ground, weather-resistant, and ideal for installation in your...

  • Gibbon Jibline Slackline

    Gibbon Jibline Slackline

    Whether freestyler, adrenaline junkie or urban slacker, the JIBLINE is first choice with Trickliners world wide. The print adds additional grip when performing dynamic moves. With an integrated ratched padding (RATPAD) the set confirms with the...

  • Gibbon SlackRack Classic @http// Gibbon SlackRack Classic @http//

    Gibbon SlackRack Classic

    We present the new generation of Slackracks – the SLACKRACK CLASSIC. The new Slackrack comes with the same features, design, quality and advantages, but is specifically targeted for home and leisure activity use. Variable setup length of 2 m /...

  • Gibbon Surfer line X13 + Tree Wear Set

    Gibbon Surfer line X13 + Tree Wear Set

    With 25m length and dynamic webbing the SURFERLINE TREEWEAR is the answer for all trick- or water-liners. The Surferline has a robust long-lever ratchet – and thanks to the free SLACK APP reaching the next level in slacklining has never been as...

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