Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

More adaptable and easier to use.



A radical update makes the Wildcountry Pro-Key more adaptable and easier to use. It now comes with a precision ground tip which allows access to the smallest slots, as well as a wire gate to allow direct clipping to your harness. Add to this a one piece a 'folded top' and you've got a bigger surface area to allow a firmer (less painful) push with the palm. Large cut out sections keep the weight down. Finally, the Pro-Key is equipped with an extendable, detachable and flexible leash which can be clipped to your harness preventing loss in extreme positions.



  • Large cut-outs keep the weight down
  • Larger surface area saves your palms from a beating
  • Telephone cord style leash makes sure you won't lose your tool



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